Incubating the idea from the age of 3, 9-year-old Youtuber successfully called 200 million from Shark Thuy to develop Youtube review toy channel

Tram Ho

Episode 1 of Kiddie Shark, Shark Tank’s Vietnamese version, officially aired on the afternoon of July 20. With two-thirds of successful capital calls, Kiddie Shark left an impression on the audience about the image of innocent, innocent children but also full of dreams, aspirations and determination.

Prominent among them was the deal of Duc Dat, 9 years old. Incubating the idea from the age of 3, Dat said he went to the program to call VND 200 million for 15% of the shares in DAT Kids Toy Reviews, YouTube channel specializing in children’s toys.

“In the old days, I was passionate about making Youtube. I watched a lot of foreign YouTube versions warmly. At that time, I dreamed of having a day, I could have a video camera to upload to YouTube on my own. Therefore, I came here to call for investment of VND 200 million for 15% of the company shares, “ Dat explained.

About the project, Duc Dat fluently said that he is being supported by the talented partner behind, the character with the name Doan, specializing in helping him edit and upload videos. Youtube channel also saw a huge increase in views, after only a few hours, there were “terrible” views … nearly hundreds of views even though the registration was quite modest, only stopped at number 4.

“However, my channel is in a new phase of development so there will be fewer people. For the first time, it is like that,” Duc Dat used the argument to persuade the advisory board.

Not only showing his enthusiasm, Duc Dat also showed that he is really knowledgeable about business when clearly presenting the roadmap and plan of using capital.

He said that the investment funds will be used for 4 purposes: Search for more partners, buy toys to review, invest in video recording equipment and finally the context costs. Answering the problem of profit, although not knowing the exact amount can be obtained from the YouTube view, but Duc Dat has considered selling models of toys on Amazon to earn more.

“I sell 3 million lego syncs, which is very cheap. The genuine lego set sold on Amazon costs 9 million, but it is installed. There are 3 million units sold but assembled hundreds of sets. So I should choose “ , Dat put the question back to the advisory board.

Ấp ủ ý tưởng từ năm 3 tuổi, Youtuber 9 tuổi gọi thành công 200 triệu từ Shark Thuỷ để phát triển kênh Youtube review đồ chơi - Ảnh 1.

Too impressed by Dat’s presentation, all 4 advisers expressed their agreement if they did not invest in Duc Dat now, they would not be able to keep up. Especially, Midu adviser had to utter “young man” when he heard Duc Dat reasoning: “To make it easier to imagine, all the advisors here think that a startup is like jumping into the ocean to catch fish. I will catch a small area of ​​fish before I can fight a sword, can I win big, right?

Maintaining his level, when he was met by Shark Nguyen Ngoc Thuy, Chairman of Apax Leadership Startup Fund, Dat quickly passed Shark’s quick test.

With the request to choose one of four advisers to be his partner, Dat decided to give up another 25% of the shares to invite singer Ngo Kien Huy because he said that “I poured a little more humor into the trailer, so my channel will be there are many viewers “. However, when listening to the advisor Xuan Bac said he would start the army without asking for shares, Duc Dat quickly “canceled the contract” with Ngo Kien Huy to shake hands with his new partner.

Feeling the real potential and “fire-blood” of Duc Dat for start-up, Shark Thuy quickly decided to invest in a project of VND 200 million in exchange for a 20% stake. Shark said he did not want to regret it later if he did not invest in Dat at this time.

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Source : Genk