In Samsung’s smartphone “galaxy”, there is still room for the new Galaxy Note

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At the beginning of the year S, at the end of the year Note, it is the tradition of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone launches for many years, however, the Galaxy Note line has stopped this year, instead, Samsung promotes folding screen smartphones. are Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3. The Z Flip sells for less than $1,000, which is sure to be a standout device from Samsung’s own iPhones and Galaxy S21 Plus that cost about the same.

But for Note fans past and present, it feels like something is still missing. Note is the brand that has made Samsung the leading manufacturer of large-screen phones. However, the company completely skipped the production of a new Note this year and explained in a simple sentence “not now”. For now, the Note hasn’t disappeared; Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra will still be on sale in 2021.

Trong thiên hà smartphone của Samsung, vẫn còn chỗ cho Galaxy Note mới - Ảnh 1.

Samsung’s stance on the future of the Note is quite vague, it seems that they still leave the possibility of returning to the Note line if the folding screen smartphone does not become an influential product. But it seems that for now, Samsung should also keep at least one traditional Galaxy phone with an S Pen.

Many users prefer phones with stylus

The Galaxy Note is undoubtedly the most successful stylus smartphone, but other companies have had some success as well. Motorola once said that the Moto G Stylus was the most popular product in the G series after its release, and that should be enough for the company to continue producing a 5G-enabled successor this year. And before LG completely withdrew from the smartphone market, the Stylo was one of its popular products.

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You cannot overlook the importance of the built-in slot in storing the stylus when not in use. On the Note, the S Pen is always there when you need it, then it disappears and is completely unobtrusive when you’re not using it. No need for special cases. Using a smartphone case is perfectly fine, and most people do, but integrating a stylus slot there would make the case much larger and can be difficult to use.

Cases are not the perfect solution

Samsung touted S Pen support when it announced the Galaxy Ultra S21 earlier this year, and the stylus experience seems on par with a Note. But after using it, you have to store it somewhere and that’s the point the S21 Ultra can’t replace the Note series. Without a dedicated slot, Samsung’s solution is to create a case so that S21 Ultra users can keep the S Pen.

Trong thiên hà smartphone của Samsung, vẫn còn chỗ cho Galaxy Note mới - Ảnh 3.

However, it comes with a downside: making the device bulkier, as there’s a place for the stylus on the left side of the case, making the device significantly larger.

For the Z Fold 3, Samsung came up with a solution to place the S Pen in the hinge, because the Fold is narrower than most smartphones (including the S21 Ultra) when closed – so it probably won’t make the user feel difficult to use even when taking up extra space.

Selling the S Pen separately makes the “magic pen” less important

Despite the hard work of researching the S Pen “Fold Edition” with its retractable spring-loaded tip, Samsung didn’t include it in the most modern foldable flagship. Instead, you have to buy it separately (or the more expensive S Pen Pro). The Fold version costs $79, while the S Pen Pro sells for $99.

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The S Pen still comes with many of Samsung’s latest tablets and laptops, but making it an additional purchase on the $1,800 Z Fold3 may cause some people to skip it altogether. If the Fold is meant to usher in a new era of productivity on smartphones, why not include a pen as well? At least that will alleviate the annoyance of not having a charging cup.

Adding a Galaxy with an S Pen will surely be well received by users, if it’s a good product

Hopefully the models launched last year won’t be the end of the Galaxy Note line. Samsung has yet to come up with an alternative that matches the rigor and convenience of a phone designed with a stylus in mind in the first place. But Samsung is still open to bringing the Note line back.

Samsung could take the “special edition” route (like Apple’s iPhone SE, but a premium one) and release a new, top-spec Note every few years to its fans, willing to pay a lot of money to have a large smartphone and integrated S Pen.

Trong thiên hà smartphone của Samsung, vẫn còn chỗ cho Galaxy Note mới - Ảnh 5.

Another alternative is that this stylus is brought down to at least one of Samsung’s popular Galaxy A smartphones and makes it possible for many people to experience it for less money. It’s a clear sign that Samsung has faith in the S Pen, even if the Galaxy Note itself is on hiatus.

The benefits of a stylus shouldn’t be exclusive to $1,000 or more phones. Want a monitor with a high refresh rate because that really improves the responsiveness of drawing and taking notes? Galaxy A52 already has a frequency of 120Hz. Samsung won’t need to sell too many Galaxy A-series phones with styluses, just a version with its own stamp.

Do you want Samsung to bring back the Note line, or integrate the S Pen for mid-range products?

Reference: TheVerge

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