In addition to Tesla, Elon Musk also owns a super unicorn startup that is expected to be worth $ 200 billion

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SpaceX, which is led by Elon Musk, recently became the first business in history to send astronauts into orbit. This success marked an important turning point for the company.

The company recently ended a $ 1.9 billion funding round – one of the largest for any private company. That helps SpaceX to be valued at up to $ 46 billion.

 Ngoài Tesla, Elon Musk còn đang sở hữu một startup siêu kỳ lân được dự đoán giá trị có thể đạt 200 tỷ USD - Ảnh 1.

SpaceX currently ranks third on the list of the world’s largest unicorns (including startups valued at over $ 1 billion). Only two startups are valued more than SpaceX: ride-hailing app Didi Chuxing from China and parent company TikTok.

Of course, the value of private companies like SpaceX is still controversial because such startups don’t have to disclose their financial position yet. SpaceX of course has never made it public their financial position. However, despite Wall Street recently expressed skepticism about the value of unicorns, fearing that it was just a bubble and then exploding as soon as it went on the stock exchange. Some Wall Street analysts and investors still insist that SpaceX is undervalued.

Morgan Stanley expert is an example. They wrote in their report last month that SpaceX could have a maximum value of $ 200 billion if the Starlink satellite internet project works. Morgan Stanley says their lowest valuation estimate for SpaceX is $ 50 billion.

And other SpaceX projects include launching rockets, delivering goods to Nasa, building rockets to launch to Mars, supplying satellites for the US military – all of which makes investors more rational. due to being optimistic about the opportunity to own a part of SpaceX.

Anderson said that SpaceX investors participated in the latest fundraising round, increasing their stake in the company, though declined to give details.

Chad Anderson, an investor in SpaceX, says that when SpaceX holds new fundraising rounds, more investors will be willing to put in more money. In fact, that was true in the latest round of funding. As a result, existing investors are happy that their shares in SpaceX will increase in value.

However, unless investors sell their stakes to another hedge fund, there is not much chance of them turning that investment into cash because Elon Musk said he has no intention of listing SpaceX in the future. near the. Although the company’s chairman, Gwynne Shotwell, said earlier this year that Starlink could one day split and IPO into its own company and this could benefit investors.

Anderson said that SpaceX is not yet profitable, but mainly because they still spend a lot of money investing in a new subsidiary of a business including Starlink and the rocket project to Mars. And that raises a few questions about whether SpaceX is overvalued.

There is no doubt that there will be a lot of controversy, but the truth is SpaceX is doing a lot to prove it is an effective company. Starlink internet service is currently in beta and will demonstrate results in the near future to attract a huge customer base.

Meanwhile, their Starship Mars rocket also needs to prove it can be successfully launched.

Recently, SpaceX has achieved a few notable achievements. The first was the construction of the first commercial rocket in orbit then the development of rocket technology and recently successfully bringing Nasa’s astronaut into space.

That’s why Anderson still believes in betting on SpaceX.

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