Improving both CPU and GPU, Snapdragon 855 Plus is the processor for Qualcomm gamers

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December 2018 was the time when Qualcomm first introduced the Snapdragon 855 mobile processor and since then, this processor has appeared on a series of high-end smartphones. Nearly every major manufacturer has to have at least one device using this chipset, when it has a jump performance compared to Snapdragon 845.

But instead of a regular flagship cycle every year, this time Qualcomm is doing some mid-year upgrades with the Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, with a focus on mobile gamers when improving. Significant GPU and CPU to enhance mobile gaming experience.

Cải thiện cả CPU và GPU, Snapdragon 855 Plus chính là bộ xử lý dành cho game thủ của Qualcomm - Ảnh 1.

Also there is not much new on this processor. The main change in the Prime Kryo 485 CPU core has been overclocked, currently at 2.96 GHz. Meanwhile, the Prime core on the standard Snapdragon 855 processor is only 2.84 GHz. Technically, the clock rate on Prime core has only increased by 4% compared to the standard version, so we will have to wait to see how these changes affect device performance when it launches.

But for gamers, upcoming upgrades on GPUs are the most desirable thing. Qualcomm said the Adreno 640 will be 15% higher in performance than the standard version. With Qualcomm not announcing any actual numbers, we will have to wait until the processor launches on a device to confirm this in practice.

Besides these changes, most of the remaining SoC processor parameters remain the same. Snapdragon 855 Plus still uses 4G LTE X24 multi-gigabit modem and 5G X50 modem and other improvements compared to Snapdragon 845 as fourth-generation AI engine and Vulcan support 1.1.

Cải thiện cả CPU và GPU, Snapdragon 855 Plus chính là bộ xử lý dành cho game thủ của Qualcomm - Ảnh 2.

In fact, today’s popular games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile all have limited frame rates from 30fps to 60fps on most phones. So, if your device has reached this frame rate, you won’t notice too many performance differences even when using a new processor.

The biggest change will come with games without frame rate limitations – especially on phones with high screen refresh rates. For example, if a OnePlus 7T Pro with 90Hz refresh rate screen is equipped with this Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, you will see significant improvement in games with 90fps frame rates.

Qualcomm said the new chipsets will be available in the second half of 2019. With rumors of super-premium flagship devices like Galaxy Note 10 Pro or Asus ROG Phone 2 coming soon, Chances are, these devices will be equipped with this new processor.

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