Improve the speed of the “cable off” season with VPN

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Improving the speed of the “cable off” season with VPN According to some tests, VPNs go abroad when the cable breaks, the speed of accessing foreign websites will be much faster. Besides, sometimes when going to a cafe, you need to go to Wifi and are afraid of some “buffalo children” sniffing the network and stealing passwords, if you have a VPN, you will have an extra layer of security for your connection.

So “What is a VPN?”

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network (virtual private network) A type of secure connection, when making a VPN connection, normally the entire internet connection on your device will be redirected to a VPN Gateway server by a secure connection is encrypted, and from that server the connection comes out to the internet. That is similar to the Proxy concept, but the connection between your device and the proxy will be completely encrypted, so attacks like network sniff on the transmission line, wan sniffing, tampering attack … are somewhat avoided. .

So “How to get a VPN?”

Have 2 way:

Buy a VPN: this is the simplest way, convenient, the price is quite diverse, from a low fee of 4-5 USD / month as well as hotspotshield, anchor vpn or genuine fast like Pure VPN for about 9.99 USD / month. You can refer to here: However, when buying a VPN, sometimes the speed will be slow, then fast and then slow, due to the fact that the VPN buys most of the VPN accounts. share a VPN Gateway Server. Which one it offers warranty speed, the price is a bit high

Self-install on the server (Virtual Private Server – virtual server): this way is convenient for you who already have VPS abroad, you can take advantage to open VPN or can take advantage of free VPS (for promotion) opening a free VPN is always a good idea to do this ) The advantage is that VPN will only be used by you, so the Server bandwidth is much, so you use that VPN. I use this homemade VPN to whip Dota 2 rumbling, not lag How to install Open VPN on Digital Ocean VPS

Below is a guide on how to install Open VPN on VPS of Digital Ocean to use for free for 2 months, if you click on the link (affiliate) below to register VPS on Digital Ocean, you will receive $ 15 USD free, enough to spend 3 months. VPS through the cut off season =)) lowest package (5USD / month about 100k VND / month), get 1000GB of bandwidth each month, but fast speed with VPN to buy $ 10 months (VPN created by yourself, only you can use it ok, the other VPNs are usually for general use)

Link to register Digital Ocean accounts:

digitalocean.comStrongly discounting VPS

Registration is normal, but Digital Ocean requires you to add an international payment card (VISA or Master Card) to activate your account. You just add because to spend all 10USD, then destroy the VPS and you want to use after 2 months free, the monthly DO will automatically charge 5USD on the card

Once you have a Digital Ocean account, you proceed to create a VPS (on the Digital Ocean side, it calls VPS a droplets)

There are step by step instructions here:

Pay attention to the Select Droplet Image step, which is to select the operating system installed on the VPS, then remember to choose CentOS 6.5 x64

After creating the VPS, server access information will be sent via mail, access mail to retrieve access information. The access information is actually an SSH account, which is a command line remote access interface on Linux

Oke whipped =)) Install Open VPN IP Server: OS: CentOS release 6.8 (Final)

ssh [email protected]

[ [email protected] ~] # _

wget yum localinstall openvpn-as-2.0.26-CentOS6.x86_64.rpm

[ [email protected] ~] # passwd openvpn

Changing password for user openvpn.

New password:

Finished accessing the Web admin only:

Then type in the address bar of the browser:

login user openvpn / pass then use profile

After downloading the profile, use the following command to connect sudo openvpn –config /tmp/client.ovpn and enter the VPN account information to login.


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