Improve and optimize office performance with Dynamic Workplace Intelligence solution

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So what are those barriers? The majority of business leaders and operators still often concern: how to increase employee productivity, increase customer satisfaction, save operating costs, optimize governance manage, secure and use the enterprise database effectively to increase competitiveness and achieve the success as expected.

There are many problems that reduce productivity and increase operating costs in the long term such as human factors, manual processing, equipment used in factories, offices are no longer suitable – convenient in the short term but expensive in the long term, the potential risks are not detected or improved …

Understanding and accompanying its customers, Ricoh Corporation from Japan has launched a Dynamic Workplace Intelligence solution that is suitable for many companies through integrating advanced technologies and developing smart solutions. rely on centralized and centralized management platform to support users to increase data processing, management and retrieval productivity; optimizing long-term operating costs helps increase profits for businesses; These solutions also have the ability to manage and secure corporate and customer data at many levels depending on business needs.

Dynamic Workplace Intelligence helps customers work space more dynamic, smarter, more efficient work handling, bringing more success to businesses. Innovative Ricoh technology solutions such as Smart Customer Support (Ricoh Intelligent Support), software and application auto update feature (Ricoh Always Current technology), Compute application integration platform cloud (Ricoh Smart Integration).

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Dynamic Workplace Intelligence model in modern office

Realizing the model on Ricoh Group introduces the Ricoh IM (Intelligent Multi-function Printers) series of smart printers, which have received many awards from Buyers Lab’s Winter 2019 such as Pick Award and Outstanding Achievement in. Innovation Award for Ricoh Intelligent Scanning has been well received by customers worldwide thanks to:

Outstanding productivity – Saving operating costs

The new Ricoh IM series of multifunction printers are integrated with advanced features such as low power consumption index (TEC), automatic timer to reduce operating costs and carbon emissions. The intelligent Intelligent Support (Ricoh Intelligent Support) feature with the “Web Help Tool” user interface and Ricoh’s technical team can easily and quickly communicate via the Control Panel. Smart (Smart Operation Panel) is equipped according to the machine to know when before the maintenance period and the technical team will provide remote support, automatically notify before the machine needs to replace the ink to ensure the machine is operated interconnected. continuous, do not interrupt the business of the business …

High performance when processing and managing documents

You can customize commonly used applications on the Smart Screen for easier and faster use. Small document scanning section helps users more convenient when it comes to handling documents outside the standard paper size suitable for finance, banking, insurance industries … This product is also compatible with the solutions integrated software based on digital platform, cloud computing, artificial intelligence … help manage centralized equipment and data, solutions for handling documents, smart data, applications managing printing costs avoids wasteful operating costs effectively …

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The Ricoh IM series is commonly used in offices around the world

Secure enterprise and customer information

The feature “Automatically update firmware and applications” (Ricoh Always Current Technology) continually updates the device protection tools from the risk of virus infection or network attacks, ensuring absolute safety for business data. Ricoh prioritizes information security with IEEE 2600 security certificate.

About Ricoh

Ricoh Corporation is applying the Office Digitalization platform to optimize performance, using advanced technologies and services to help people work smarter, more efficiently. For over 80 years, Ricoh has been a pioneer in providing document management solutions, information technology services, industrial printing, digital camcorders and industrial systems.

EZ Plus 2.0 – solution to increase digital office performance.

Based in Tokyo, Ricoh Corporation operates in about 200 countries worldwide. In the fiscal year ending in March 2018, Ricoh Corporation had global sales of 63 2,063 billion (US $ 19.4 billion).

In Vietnam, we have been applying the Dynamic Workplace Intelligence model to offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Sincerely invite you to visit and experience this model as well as interact directly with our advanced equipment and solutions. You can register Ricoh’s Live office visit or learn more about Ricoh IM products at website /

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