If this photo is real, will this be a bargain that drives people to buy an iPhone 9?

Tram Ho

The iPhone 9 generation is expected to launch in March and this iPhone has nothing to wait for except the expected price of only about 399 USD (about 9.2 million).

Nếu bức ảnh này là thật, đây sẽ là một món hời thôi thúc mọi người đổ xô mua iPhone 9? - Ảnh 1.

According to the latest rumors and leaks, Apple will launch the iPhone 9 at an event in March. The starting price of the successor to the iPhone SE is expected to be only about $ 399.

This is said to be quite a reasonable price and a very worthwhile alternative for those who do not have a good budget. However, Apple may not stop at lowering the price of iPhone 9 but is secretly preparing a shocking promotion to increase sales.

A picture taken outside a store of KT, one of the largest telecom networks in Korea, made many people surprised by the message on the billboard. Specifically, the bill confirms that AirPods will be offered to iPhone 9 buyers for free.

Nếu bức ảnh này là thật, đây sẽ là một món hời thôi thúc mọi người đổ xô mua iPhone 9? - Ảnh 2.

It is unclear if this billboard is intended to attract attention or not, but if this information is true, this will be a great deal to consider. In addition, KT also posted a campaign billboard for the Galaxy S20 scheduled to launch next week. Accordingly, customers who buy Galaxy S20 or S20 + can get a free Galaxy Buds +.

In the past, the tech world has seen Samsung offer free headsets to people who buy high-end smartphones many times. But with Apple, it rarely has such large and risky advertising campaigns. Even many of Apple’s products lack many accessories, seemingly given away for free on Android smartphones.

In fact, if the iPhone 9 costs $ 399, it will be difficult for Apple to implement the program because it will affect overall revenue. And maybe the program of the KT network will have certain conditions or this is an exclusive program for this carrier in Korea.

Perhaps for more details, we will need to wait for more than a month.

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