Huawei’s fate is not “better” than under the Biden administration?

Tram Ho

The change in the US political landscape will inevitably cause ripples in all aspects of American life and business, especially the controversial policies and attitudes that Donald Trump has left behind. .

Số phận của Huawei không “khá khẩm” hơn dưới thời của chính quyền Biden? - Ảnh 1.

Some of the policies have been reversed while some remain. Of course, the new administration of President Joe Biden offers somewhat hope that the US can remove some Chinese companies from the US Commerce Department’s blacklist.

But unfortunately for Huawei and the Chinese companies on that list, the administration of President Joe Biden and the US Department of Commerce seem not to care much about changing the status quo.

The fact that companies and organizations are blacklisted “Entity List” by the US Department of Commerce means that they are suspected or have evidence of their involvement in activities that threaten national security or contravene American principles.

As for Huawei, the company was accused of engaging in State-backed Chinese espionage by using the company’s mobile business and telecommunications networks.

The fact that a company or organization is blacklisted means that the US company will be banned from exporting any US product, including American, and manufactured using US technology, to companies on that list. .

This is also the reason why Huawei lost access to many technologies from hardware to software, including chips used for smartphones and Google services.

Số phận của Huawei không “khá khẩm” hơn dưới thời của chính quyền Biden? - Ảnh 2.

Of course since the Biden administration took office, the media has repeatedly raised hope that the new US president will consider lifting the ban, but so far there has been no move.

Responding to questions from Senate Republicans, Gina Raimondo, head of the Commerce Department under Mr. Biden’s administration, said she saw no reason not to include those entities in names. forbidden books. From there the US can prevent companies from doing business with foreign organizations that pose a threat to national security.

Beijing is of course not satisfied with the latest comments from the Trade Minister on this issue. However, that doesn’t mean the policies won’t change during Biden’s tenure. Only for now, Huawei, SMIC, ZTE and others should not be too confident about the ability of the US Department of Commerce to blacklist.

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