Huawei strives to make 5G green and 5G better

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Participating at a discussion session among experts with the topic “Entering the 5G era: needs, deployment and requirements”, Mr. Mohamed Madkour – Vice President of Solutions Business & Marketing, Wireless Core & Global cloud at Huawei – shared about the 5G era and about Huawei’s efforts to bring green 5G and better 5G.

Huawei nỗ lực trong việc mang lại 5G xanh và 5G tốt hơn - Ảnh 1.

For the first time, the Digital World Conference and Exhibition was held online on the technology platform developed by Vietnamese enterprises.

According to estimates, by 2025, the media industry will consume 20% of global electricity. Therefore, to deliver the best business value, operators need to be able to control their electricity bills. The industry has been focused on building the best 5G that delivers the most powerful performance.

According to experts, this is the time to focus on 5G business efficiency by reducing overall operating costs and maximizing network value to serve all sectors optimally. The power consumption per unit of data (watts / bit) for 5G is much less than 4G, which is great but the power consumption of 5G is much higher than 4G. The 5G network structure is significantly different from 4G in terms of network mode, product appearance and performance parameters. The power consumption of 5G hardware is about two times higher than that of 4G. This poses unprecedented challenges to building an infrastructure.

Huawei representative cited data from Chinese engineering surveys and base stations with more than 30% of tower sites in China needing to be reviewed or upgraded in their power supply systems. . The average cost to increase the grid capacity for one station is about 2,800 US dollars. Since there are 2.5 million cell towers in China, retrofitting costs would total around $ 2.1 billion. This is not only a commercial issue but also a social responsibility issue.

Huawei nỗ lực trong việc mang lại 5G xanh và 5G tốt hơn - Ảnh 2.

Mr. Mohamed Madkour participated in a discussion session between experts with the topic “Entering the era of 5G needs, deployment and requirements”

Huawei’s 5G Power solution focuses on improving energy efficiency and E2E at the component, station, network, and service levels. Proactive power efficiency management solution through digital and smart platforms that consume 0 watts when 0 bit is present.

In terms of 5G deployments, the number is continuing to grow for commercial networks, services, and ecosystems. Experience from global deployments, Huawei sees a lot of demand in developing 4G while deploying 5G. Carriers still see investment in 4G as part of their 5G investment. So the synergy and synergy between the 2 generations is key.

In addition, according to Huawei, the energy consumed in 5G is one of the key parameters that should be optimized to reduce costs and, above all, help control carbon emissions globally. “I am very optimistic that technology and business will eventually prevail and win the battle against any attempt to polarize 5G or ICT or hinder the journey of innovation in the world.”

Envisioning future technology and service mobile networks over the next five years, Huawei believes that the term “Full” is an important factor in any “Full” service area for consumers, family, business and verticals. Full experience, full coverage with full deployment scenario. All of these will converge over the next 5 years and need to be supported by the same network in an optimal way. Therefore, higher network capabilities, higher reliability, and lower E2E latency will be required on the mobile network.

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