Huawei responds to Samsung with its clamshell-folding smartphone like the Galaxy Z Flip

Tram Ho

Until now, only Samsung has officially commercialized a folding screen smartphone with “clamshell” design to the market: the Galaxy Z Flip. Earlier last year, rumors of Huawei developing a foldable smartphone similar to the Galaxy Z Flip appeared quite a lot. Until now, once again information about this new product line of Huawei continues to surface under a new name: Huawei Mate V.

Specifically, Huawei recently submitted a new patent to the World Intellectual Property Organization, revealing a smartphone with a design similar to the Galaxy Z Flip (with a vertical folding mechanism and a horizontal hinge. ). Huawei also filed another similar patent in the Chinese market, accompanied by descriptive images showing design details of the new “Mate V” folding screen smartphone.

Huawei đáp trả Samsung với smartphone màn hình gập vỏ sò giống Galaxy Z Flip - Ảnh 1.

In the description, Huawei said its new folding screen smartphone will have a back with a vertically placed camera cluster, in addition to an additional area that looks like the secondary screen of the device. The front of the device is a screen that appears to have a “notch” design. The design hinge is centered on the screen similar to the Galaxy Z Flip.

Technology experts believe that Huawei is trying to develop two foldable smartphone models (clamshell and folding form like Galaxy Fold). In fact, with technology growing day by day, Huawei is expected to launch a cheap foldable smartphone later this year. In addition, Huawei’s folding screen smartphones will also use UTG ultra-thin glass technology manufactured by Samsung.

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Source : Genk