Huawei is working on its own Gmail alternative

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Chinese smartphone maker Huawei is reportedly testing a new email service, as it expands its suite of software that reflects comparable features found on Android.

The recent US sanctions give Huawei the perfect reason to build its own alternative mobile ecosystem, similar to Android, to be fully integrated with the Harmony mobile operating system. OS.

And according to reports, Huawei is currently subscribing and collecting feedback on its new email service, called Petal Mail.

Huawei đang nghiên cứu giải pháp thay thế Gmail của riêng mình - Ảnh 1.

The interface is said to be that of Petal Mail.

Petal mail is the latest addition to Huawei’s growing selection of software and services. US trade sanctions have prevented the smartphone giant from giving users a complete Android experience. To overcome this limitation, the company has been working to replace Android apps with equivalent apps developed by itself.

It is known that the company has launched alternative products for Google Mobile Services (Google Mobile Services) with the so-called Huawei Mobile Services or Huawei Mobile Services. Play Store replaced with AppGallery and Google Maps replaced with Petal Maps. Notably, the company has also applied for several other Petal prefixed marks.

Not much is known about Petal Mail, although the service is believed to be in the early stages of rollout, as suggested by the screenshot showing a very minimal two-column interface.

Interestingly, Huawei has also released a new virtual currency called Petals. While the company’s intentions behind the new coin are unclear, it is currently valued at 0.01 yuan (about $ 0.0015).

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