Huawei has developed a HarmonyOS smartphone, which will be released next year

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In August 2019, Huawei announced that it was developing a new operating system called HarmonyOS. Many people assumed that Huawei would use HarmonyOS immediately as a replacement for Android. That didn’t happen, however, and Huawei is still running Android.

Huawei Consumer Product Manager Richard Yu said HarmonyOS will not only be used for smartphones, but will also be used on other devices such as smart speakers, tablets, computers and cars. So far, Huawei has only used HarmonyOS for smart TVs.

Huawei đã phát triển một chiếc smartphone HarmonyOS, sẽ cho ra mắt vào năm sau - Ảnh 1.

However, on this day, Mr. Yu confirmed that Huawei will ship the first smartphone running HarmonyOS operating system in 2021. On September 10, Huawei will launch the second version of HarmonyOS operating system. . And this year, Huawei will launch a smartwatch running HarmonyOS operating system.

Yu admits that Huawei has developed a HarmonyOS smartphone, but is still waiting as there is still a deal with Google. Huawei has also admitted to sticking with Android for as long as it can. But it is not so that Huawei does not put much expectation on HarmonyOS, even Richard Yu asserted that Richard Yu will become a popular operating system around the world.

In an earlier speech, Yu said the Mate 40 would be the last Huawei smartphone to use a Kirin chip. “Unfortunately, according to US sanctions, TSMC only accepts orders before September 15. By September 15, TSMC will no longer be able to manufacture chips for Huawei. So the Kirin 9000 could be Huawei’s last generation of processor chips , said Yu.

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