Huawei has been stopped from supplying components by Chinese companies themselves

Tram Ho

As US sanctions have caused Huawei to lose chip supplies from TSMC, the Chinese tech giant began to rely on domestic chipmakers and even started a few projects. joint ventures with these companies. However, it seems that even Chinese semiconductor companies turn their backs on Huawei.

Before the deadline of the US ban, Huawei actively purchased chips from all possible sources, both domestically and internationally, according to a new report from DigiTimes.

Huawei bị chính các công ty Trung Quốc dừng cung cấp linh kiện - Ảnh 1.

However, when the outright chip supply ban to Huawei came into effect on September 16, Chinese semiconductor manufacturers also silently stopped shipping Huawei. Even companies that are collaborating with Huawei on joint ventures have stopped supplying the tech giant.

The reason is most likely because these companies are afraid of becoming the next target of the US ban if they supply Huawei components. Since most of these semiconductor manufacturing companies are still using US components and equipment, supplying their compatriots Huawei will still violate the country’s trade ban and will likely fall back. Similar scene to Huawei.

Two days ago, SMIC, the largest chip processor in China, said it had applied for a license from the US government to supply Huawei chips. However, this is not easy, even for US companies.

If the DigiTimes report is true, Huawei’s situation is becoming more and more tragic. Indeed, US government sanctions have dealt a heavy blow to Huawei’s business operations, and the disaster is getting closer and closer to the company as its chip stocks are running low. there is an alternative source.

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