Huawei does not want Chinese users to buy their products because of patriotism

Tram Ho

After the US banned Huawei from cooperating with US companies, many Chinese users turned to support Huawei by buying their products. Basically, the day means that a Chinese patriot should buy Huawei products and not Apple or other foreign firms.

Therefore, in the past many people began to think that Huawei products sold well in China just because the people of this country loved the country and nothing special. Huawei was dissatisfied with this statement and Ms. Chen Lifang, Huawei’s Director and President of Public Communications and Public Affairs, shared this issue.

Huawei không muốn người dùng Trung Quốc mua sản phẩm của mình chỉ vì yêu nước - Ảnh 1.

According to Ms. Chen Lifang, within her own, Huawei locate quite clearly. She shared that if Huawei will not be able to last long if it only attaches patriotism to the brand but does not develop well its products, technology and services. Therefore, Huawei does not pay attention to what people and media associate, but only focuses on creating the best quality products.

In May, founder and CEO of the United States also wanted Chinese users not to choose Huawei products because of patriotism. Mr. Nham said that the iPhone has a good ecosystem and he still buys iPhone for his family while abroad.

With these statements, it is clear that Huawei does not want Chinese people to buy their products because of patriotism. Instead, Huawei wants to focus on creating good quality products to serve customers. Huawei has reason not to become a “national” brand. Although the largest market is still China, Huawei smartphones are being sold worldwide with sales of tens of millions. Therefore, Huawei needs the support of global users, not just Chinese consumers, and the only way to ensure this is to create high quality products at competitive prices.

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Source : Genks