Huawei confirmed that it will use the self-developed operating system Hongmeng OS for TV, promising to launch next month

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Shortly after the news, Huawei admitted Hongmeng OS will not be used on smartphones and the company will continue to use Android, recently a Huawei representative officially confirmed, the company will use Hongmeng operating system for New smart TV product line, promising to be released in August here.

Huawei xác nhận sẽ dùng hệ điều hành tự phát triển Hongmeng OS cho TV, hứa hẹn ra mắt từ tháng sau - Ảnh 1.

Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s consumer division CEO, said the company’s smart TVs will use the self-developed Hongmeng OS to connect to home appliances. This is also Huawei’s first step in the field of TV and confirms rumors of mid-year rumors are valid.

Huawei’s move is one of the latest efforts by Chinese technology firm to “self-reliance” on objective threats. As the rotating chairman of Huawei, Ken Hu said, the company has found that the future has been banned for long.

That’s why Huawei is always actively pouring money into R&D projects and constantly expanding its chip business. Currently, Huawei only uses Kirin chips manufactured by its subsidiary, thus avoiding the impact of buying third-party chips like Apple is facing, Qualcomm.

In 2018 alone, Huawei spent $ 15.3 billion on R&D, surpassing both Apple and Microsoft, even chasing Samsung, Alphabet and Amazon.

The serious investment for R&D has helped this company achieve a lot of success. Specifically, after years of entering the smartphone market, the company now has a place for itself on the ranking of the largest smartphone manufacturers. Even at a time, Huawei surpassed Apple and ranked second in the world behind Samsung. The company also aims to overthrow Samsung by 2020 before being banned by the US government ban.

Huawei xác nhận sẽ dùng hệ điều hành tự phát triển Hongmeng OS cho TV, hứa hẹn ra mắt từ tháng sau - Ảnh 2.

Of course, smartphones are not Huawei’s main business item, but their important “face” in many markets such as China or Europe. Facing the risk of not being able to use the Android operating system, buying components from the US company, experts believe that Huawei will release a separate operating system to fill Android’s emptiness.

However, when those predictions were not true, the United States and China reached an agreement on the negotiating table, through which the US allowed Huawei to buy goods and services from US companies again.

So the concern has been reduced somewhat. But Huawei certainly knows that relying too much on a third-party operating system or just focusing on selling in the Chinese market is not a good idea. That’s why I have to find a way out with my own operating system called Hongmeng OS.

It is unclear in the future whether or not Huawei intends to change its operating system to smartphone, but if so, Google could lose a large number of Android users worldwide and revenue from selling copyright to Huawei.

Recently, it is reported that Huawei’s Honor brand will launch Honor Vision smart TV with the camera in the near future. It is likely that this will be one of the first TV series equipped with Hongmeng OS.

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