Huawei can still install up to 70 Android applications on its smartphones

Tram Ho

The US-China economic war has not yet ended, and Huawei is undoubtedly the company that suffered the most. The high-end Huawei P40 and P40 Pro are very close to launch, but they still do not have the right to install Google services – something that is essential for the operation of Android smartphones.

Huawei vẫn có thể cài sẵn tới 70 ứng dụng Android vào smartphone của mình - Ảnh 1.

But according to a source from Telegram, Huawei is expected to pre-install up to 70 popular Android applications on future products, including the P40 series. This is a smart move for Huawei, helping them not to install the Play Store, but also to provide users with the necessary applications. Some Mate 30 Pro users have also installed the app by downloading an APK file online, and Huawei will now do it to make it more convenient to use.

Saying that does not mean that everything will be ‘as smooth’ as ​​if nothing had happened! There are a large number of applications that still need to use Google services (Google Play Services) to operate. Huawei’s smartphones do not have Google services, meaning that even if they install these applications, they will only be able to use certain features, or worse, will not work.

Besides these pre-installed applications, Huawei is expected to gradually replace Google’s services with replacement services created by itself. At the end of January, the company also said it had its own map application to replace Google Maps.

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Source : Genk