Huawei announced its revenue increase in the first half of 2019, confirming HongMengOS’s name

Tram Ho

Over the past few months, Huawei has been very popular when the US government has banned them from cooperating with US companies. After the G20 summit has just taken place, the ban has been relaxed but Huawei has not yet been granted amnesty by the US side. However, according to recent disclosure by chairman Liang Hua, it seems that Huawei still did quite well in the first half of 2019.

In a press conference that just happened, Liang said that Huawei’s first half of 2019 sales had a growth over the same period last year. Sadly, the specific growth rate was not disclosed. In addition, Mr. Liang also confirmed HongMeng OS will be the name of the operating system that Huawei is about to launch.

Huawei tuyên bố tăng doanh thu trong nửa đầu năm 2019, xác nhận cái tên HongMengOS - Ảnh 1.

Many people will be surprised to know that Huawei grew revenue in the first half of 2019. However, the fact is that until May 5 the US government ban was issued. So its impact on Huawei’s business situation in the first half of the year is negligible.

In addition, Huawei did very well in the first 4 months of the year, they reached 100 million smartphone sales before the ban took effect. This achievement not only compensates but also reduces the effect of the ban.

The US government’s ban may still hurt Huawei in the second half of this year. Initial estimates by Huawei show that US repression policy could cause them to lose up to $ 30 billion in revenue this year.

Currently, Washington has allowed US companies to sell technology and components to Huawei, as long as these products are not a threat to national security. However, Huawei chairman still proved dissatisfied with the current situation. During the press conference, Mr. Liang said that the US should remove Huawei from the black list because it is unreasonable and unfair.

Liang also revealed that Huawei has developed HongMeng OS for IoT products while prioritizing Google’s Android for their smartphones. “We have not decided whether to develop HongMeng OS into a smartphone operating system , Liang said. But this may change if Huawei is banned from using Android for their smartphones.

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Source : Genk