Huawei accessories – “Vaccine” is happy, healthy and optimistic in the middle of the epidemic season

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Increase physical strength

No longer as surprised as in the early stages of tightening the distance, many people have gradually gotten used to life at home full-time. They rearranged the home office corner to improve concentration, invested in the kitchen to be ready for the “long-term resistance” when the shop was temporarily closed. No longer a personal trainer, social media platforms become companions during sweaty workouts.

Smart wearable devices also accompany sports enthusiasts in providing exercises, counting and health stats. This not only makes the training session more effective, but also makes many people feel excited and full of life. Sports bracelets like the HUAWEI Band 6 are well received by users thanks to their ability to track SpO2 throughout the day, count heart rate, manage sleep and support sports. Meanwhile, smart watches like HUAWEI Watch GT 2 and Watch 3 are loved by both sports and fashion lovers.

Possessing an affordable price, but being able to monitor SpO2 levels throughout the day of Band 6 is a big plus during this epidemic season. The “small but martial” bracelet always follows the user during exercise, breathing to bring the body back to balance with 96 training modes.

Phụ kiện Huawei - Vaccine vui khỏe, lạc quan giữa mùa dịch - Ảnh 1.

The HUAWEI Band 6’s 24/7 SpO2 tracking capability is extremely useful with Payo during the quarantine period.

Female tech Reviewer Phuong Anh Payo shared: “During the past 3 months of use, my Band 6 bracelet measured SpO2 throughout the day, and I was able to monitor sleep quality, so I felt very pleased. monitoring SpO2 is very important and necessary.In the afternoon after work, I take her out to exercise again, to count the rhythms for those pilates exercises, and calculate how many calories are consumed during the day. to rebalance the diet.

Phụ kiện Huawei - Vaccine vui khỏe, lạc quan giữa mùa dịch - Ảnh 2.

Practicing sports helps many people feel healthier and more active during the holiday season with Watch GT 2

Find optimism in the world of entertainment

Besides finding joy through physical activities, the world of entertainment also contributes to conveying optimistic and positive emotions to many people during their days at home.

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Enjoy learning and entertaining at home with the FreeBuds 4i

With just one phone and a pair of wireless headphones with active noise cancellation ANC like HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i, you can comfortably immerse yourself in your own entertainment space. There’s nothing better than wearing a lightweight headset on rainy days, listening to the delicate sound processed by 10mm dynamic drivers and super-sensitive polymer composite drivers. The big plus of FreeBuds 4i also lies in the flexible connection way, just open the headset box and it automatically recognizes and connects to the previously paired device.

Phụ kiện Huawei - Vaccine vui khỏe, lạc quan giữa mùa dịch - Ảnh 4.

The FreeBuds 4 headphones are suitable for a premium audio experience in all conditions and environments.

Those looking for higher-end models of headphones can also consider the FreeBuds 4 series as a great option. Outstanding features such as Open Design Active Noise Cancellation 2.0 or Active Adaptive Ear Mold (AEM) technology, high-resolution audio, etc. will bring unforgettable audio experiences to users.

Meanwhile, FreeBuds Pro is integrated with intelligent active noise cancellation with three modes: normal noise cancellation, warm small noise and super loud noise cancellation. These modes will automatically adjust to the surrounding environment, providing maximum comfort and quiet for the user.

Reviewer Tony Phung gave many compliments to HUAWEI’s headphone models: “In terms of sound quality and noise resistance, the FreeBuds line is doing very well. It’s so smart that it can recognize where the wind is, where the voice is good. noise to have the best adjustments for your hearing when watching movies, playing games or practicing sports.”

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