HTML thought was not good, anyone thought it was delicious

Tram Ho

The first (really necessary) skills you need to have are HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), the HTML that makes up the skeleton of a website or an application. It creates blocks, elements such as menus, images, text, videos, tables, inputs, etc. And fortunately, it only takes you a little too long to get used to it. After about a week of learning and practicing, you will be able to create your first project in HTML. But keep in mind that HTML does not decorate the colors and all the beauty of the website, so we take advantage of the power of CSS and JavaScript to provide stunning effects for your website. After witnessing some of the great things CSS can do, it’s time for HTML to stand out!

If you want to dig deeper and write your own HTML, start with these simple and easy-to-learn HTML code examples. It’s great that you can do a lot with just HTML. Find out together!

1. Dialog box


2. Edit the text content


3. Dropdown


4. Measuring progress


5. Highlight text


6. Display delete and insert text


7. Create direct link phone number

Similar to email links, you can also create direct links for phone numbers.

8. Choose a color


9. Display mobile keyboard for input types


10. Expand / collapse section details



HTML is the basis of any website, it’s really interesting to pay attention to all its potential. This article is for beginners, I want to share the examples that we often think that only CSS and Javascript do but forget that HTML can do the same.

Note: Not all browsers can let you exploit all the examples above.

Thank you for taking the time to read the article!

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Source : Viblo