HTC’s blockchain smartphone can be used to mine cryptocurrencies, but it will take more than a century to break even.

Tram Ho

HTC’s Exodus smartphone will soon be updated with a cryptocurrency mining application, allowing it to mine Monero while it’s charging and not in use. This DeMiner application was developed by Midas Labs and will be launched in Q2 / 2020.

According to Midas Labs, an HTC Exodus 1S smartphone can mine Monero with the exchange rate of US $ 0.0038 / day. A fairly slow pace, which certainly will not turn this smartphone into a money-making machine.

Chiếc smartphone blockchain của HTC có thể dùng để đào tiền mã hóa, nhưng sẽ mất hơn 1 thế kỷ mới có thể “hòa vốn” - Ảnh 1.

In fact, at this rate you will earn about $ 1.4 within a year. It also means that to “break even”, that is to earn $ 240 for Exodus 1S smartphone, it will take you about 170 years. That’s not counting other costs, like electricity.

But from Midas Labs’ perspective, they think smartphone processors are getting more powerful and can be used to mine cryptocurrencies in their free time. Especially, it is a smartphone that consumes very little power.

While a mid-range laptop can mine Monero at a rate of $ 0.06 per day, it consumes up to $ 0.156 on electricity. That means you can’t make a profit from a laptop, but you can do it with a smartphone.

HTC’s business and enterprise development director, Phil Chen, said: “The cryptocurrency world is threatened by the hashrate dominance of giant mining farms. The most effective way to solve that problem is to make it possible for everyone to participate in mining in the blockchain network. And smartphones are the tool for that solution. ”

Now is just the first step, with a lot of limitations. But maybe in the near future, the smartphone will become more and more powerful and become a mobile cryptocurrency mining tool for everyone.

Reference: theverge

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