HPE Primera: A new era for smart storage

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In this situation, technology experts have turned to HPE Primera, which is considered to be the smartest storage in the world, applying AI technology in storage and data management, an optimal solution. accompany businesses in current trends and get ready for new challenges.

The essential needs of the Argument Transfer

For the first time in many years, Vietnam and other countries around the world must declare social isolation to minimize the spread of disease. Offices are closed, employees must work at home, businesses must find ways to take advantage of IT infrastructure to ensure smooth and safe business. Technological advantages have brought unexpected effects to businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the limited travel situation, the flat world became more and more vibrant and the Internet became the lifeline of the times. Numerous businesses conducting Digital Transformation also cause the demand for data storage and management to increase exponentially, which poses for managers the problems of their IT infrastructure. .

HPE Primera: Kỷ nguyên mới cho lưu trữ thông minh - Ảnh 1.

According to a survey from IDC (Data Center), more than 90% of the risks, failures in the operating system or adversely affect the performance of enterprises are caused by data storage. It can be seen that the era of traditional storage methods has passed. Businesses no longer have the ability to store data in old, inefficient, cost-effective ways. Digital transformation businesses need an intelligent data platform to help them gain business benefits, can cope with data loss and invasive threats. Therefore, data storage is always a big problem that needs attention and resolution.

Enter the era of smart storage with HPE Primera …

Speeding up business, renovating operational systems, building an intelligent data platform to achieve the desired work efficiency are the needs of most businesses in the new era. Rated as the smartest storage in the world, HPE Primera helps businesses to free from the stress of overloading when the demand for data in applications is increasing, while eliminating the inherent latency of the applications. Old platform, makes data available when needed.

“Information changes everything. Today organizations need a new approach to infrastructure operations with an intelligent data storage strategy” – Milan Shetti, Senior Vice President Level cum General Director, HPE Storage shared. From that point of view, HPE Primera redefines storage by providing a simple, readily available solution that delivers outstanding performance.

According to IDC, by 2025, the world will have about 175 zettabytes of data, a zettabyte of about one trillion gigabytes – a giant “monster” that needs shelter – and Artificial Intelligence. (AI) can do that. With many years of experience, HPE always focuses on upgrading speed, agility, security and especially paving the way for artificial intelligence “land for martial arts”, applications in storage technology, from It provides smart, cost-effective and useful solutions for businesses.

Stand out from traditional storage systems, HPE Primera applies AI for the first time with HPE InfoSight – reducing storage management time by up to 93% and allowing businesses to reverse, predict, prevent crashes and speed up the performance of applications. The AI ​​platform is also the most prominent advantage of this smart HPE Primera solution.

… the solution has many advantages and outstanding features

Compared to previous storage systems, HPE Primera offers a simple, user-friendly and time-saving experience for users. This solution ensures the system is always 100% ready, no data loss caused by hardware errors. Not only that, HPE Primera is also equipped with HPE Peer Persistence – software that allows end users to use their data centers more effectively, and HPE Recovery Manager Central Software combined with HPE StoreOnce also brings many benefits. useful and more valuable experience.

HPE Primera: Kỷ nguyên mới cho lưu trữ thông minh - Ảnh 2.

Primera server

In addition, with cloud storage systems with huge memory, businesses can save costs and maintain long-term through HPE Cloud Bank Storage – the platform capable of providing customers with solutions. Long-term data storage and secure data protection functions throughout. HPE Primera includes: HPE Primera 630, HPE Primera 650 and HPE Primera 670, a variety of options depending on the needs of the business.

Applying HPE Primera solution – the enterprise not only builds a smooth operating system, handles workloads quickly, but managers can easily deploy and expand cloud storage, ensuring ensure a safe and modern information technology infrastructure.

To better understand the advantages, how it works and the efficiency that HPE Primera solution brings, as well as listen to the most detailed advice from experts, customers and partners can register and attend the chain. HPE webinar at http://tech-webinar.vn/ .

Through the seminar “HPE Primera – Smart storage solution, enhance the performance of enterprises,” HPE hopes that managers will find and apply the most modern technology solutions. businesses need, thereby promoting development speed, improving security as well as enhancing operational efficiency to the maximum.

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