How will the Bill Gates family assets be divided after divorce?

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Billionaire Bill Gates, the co-founder and former CEO of the world’s leading tech company Microsoft, and his wife Melinda French Gates announced on Monday on Twitter that they would divorce after 27 years of marriage. . The two will still collaborate on charity projects. Charity projects that the two of you have done together in recent years are mainly in the fields of education, gender equality and health.

“After thinking a lot and trying to build a relationship, we have decided to end our marriage,” Bill and Melinda Gates wrote in his Twitter statement. Bill Gates.

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“Over the past 27 years, we have nurtured 3 children, built an organization with a worldwide scope to help people living in more areas to live a healthy, healthy life. meaningful. We still share our belief in that power, but we no longer believe that we can still accompany a couple in the next phase of life. We ask everyone to respect our family’s privacy as we enter a new phase of life, “Bill Gates wrote on Twitter.

Bill Gates and Mr. Paul Allen founded Microsoft in 1975, and together they managed Microsoft until 2000. After that, Steve Ballmer assumed the CEO position and Bill Gates changed to chair of the board of directors. as well as a software design director. In 2008, Mr. Gates was no longer involved in day-to-day work at Microsoft to devote more time to his family-founded charity Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Both Bill and Melinda Gates work at Microsoft. She has held a managerial position at this software company, working on developing products such as the Encarta encyclopedia. The two first met at a Microsoft employee dinner in 1987. Melinda Gates recalls: “It took a few months for him to date me.” In 1994, the couple got married in Hawaii.

Details of the Gates family split up after the divorce have not been released in details yet. Bill Gates is currently holding 1.37% of Microsoft shares, the value of this stock block is estimated at more than $ 26 billion, according to FactSet calculations.

The couple once decided to transfer $ 20 billion of Microsoft shares to a charity fund to comply with their commitments. Currently, the charity fund has a total assets of more than 51 billion USD.

In the 2019 documentary, Bill Gates once dedicates “winged” words to his partner: “Mrs. Melinda Gates is really a partner. She is like me in that she is always optimistic and loves science. She communicates better than I do ”,

Since 2015, the couple started pursuing the fields they love. Bill Gates founded Breakthrough Energy Fund to tackle climate change. Melinda Gates meanwhile founded the Pivotal Ventures Foundation to promote equity.

On Valentine’s Day 2020, Mr. Bill Gates posted a photo on Instagram, in which he embraced Melinda Gattes: “I cannot expect a better partner on this journey”.

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