How vivo Y35 meets young people’s no-holds-barred lifestyle

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Young people today are living in a chaotic cycle of life where everything happens so fast, it is important to save and value time when handling tasks to avoid wasting even a single minute. Developed technology, virtual assistants with artificial intelligence or powerful high-speed processors, everything is optimized for one purpose: Saving users time.

Cách vivo Y35 đáp ứng phong cách sống không chờ đợi của giới trẻ - Ảnh 1.

And mobile technology is also strongly developed to serve users, upgrading features to increase the experience that is both fast and powerful. For young people, a good smartphone requires a very strong configuration, capable of handling all tasks quickly, especially the ability to charge quickly to solve the waste of time waiting for several hours. lake to have enough battery and hesitate to use it to the end of the day. And all of these technologies are available on vivo’s newly launched Y series product, the Y35.

vivo Y35 is a phone that solves and meets all users’ needs for a powerful smartphone, serving to enhance the experience when the first highlight is about the configuration.

vivo Y35 is equipped with a Snapdragon 680 chip used on mid-range models for powerful processing capabilities combined with Ram 3.0 expansion technology, which is only available on higher-end models of vivo when allowed. users use up to 16GB Ram. With the power of performance combined with a huge and optimized Ram capacity by Funtouch OS 12 operating system (based on Android 12), applications can run smoothly and smoothly, making your phone “baby” “laggy state. Experience games and entertainment on the device become light, operate smoothly, no longer have problems with lag when using many apps at the same time.

Cách vivo Y35 đáp ứng phong cách sống không chờ đợi của giới trẻ - Ảnh 2.

One of the points that users prioritize and directly affect to experience is the issue of battery capacity and fast charging. For young people, a good smartphone with a strong configuration is not enough, one of the things that is wasteful when using smartphones is waiting to fully charge their batteries. Think about it, it’s always busy, but every time you want to bring your device, you have to wait a few hours to have enough battery to use until the end of the day, isn’t it too wasteful? With a large battery capacity of 5000mAH and equipped with the most advanced super-speed charging in the same price segment of 44W, you can comfortably enjoy all-day fun. Or if the device runs out of battery, just plug in the charger within 34 minutes, the battery will be 70% full again so that the phone continues to accompany you. In addition to increasing the durability of the product, vivo Y35 is also IP54 water and dust resistant. Your phone is more protected from splashes and dust. You don’t have to worry about showers, splashes, dirt accumulation…

Cách vivo Y35 đáp ứng phong cách sống không chờ đợi của giới trẻ - Ảnh 3.

Powerful, but the design of vivo Y35 still follows the trendy trend when inheriting vivo’s outstanding technologies in the shape of the phone. Holding vivo Y35 in hand, it is easy to see the modern and luxurious design language with 2.5D flat border with symmetrically rounded corners on both front and back. Users have two color options: Morning Gold and Black Van Thoi. The back has a matte AG material that feels delicate and sharp, while limiting scratches and anti-fingerprints for a comfortable grip.

Cách vivo Y35 đáp ứng phong cách sống không chờ đợi của giới trẻ - Ảnh 4.

An integral part of modern smartphones is the ability to take pictures. Y35 pleases users when it is equipped with an outstanding camera cluster with a super sharp 50MP main camera, a font removal camera and a close-up camera. In addition to the usual shooting ability with clear and vivid image quality, the Y35 also allows users to capture bokeh flare portraits, super night shots, etc. In addition, the 16MP high-resolution selfie camera helps users feel confident. Express yourself wherever you are, regardless of lighting conditions.

Cách vivo Y35 đáp ứng phong cách sống không chờ đợi của giới trẻ - Ảnh 5.

The needs of users are growing with the desire for a better, more powerful phone that meets all their needs and in retrospect, vivo Y35 possesses a good configuration, beautiful design, impressive photography. with a reasonable price in the segment, satisfying the rigorous requirement for a phone suitable for everyday use. Another point that contributes to making Y35 a “value for money” choice when during Black Friday from November 20 to November 30, the product will be immediately reduced by 300,000 VND with attractive installment programs to vivo Y35 is an option worth considering when you want to upgrade your phone.

Cách vivo Y35 đáp ứng phong cách sống không chờ đợi của giới trẻ - Ảnh 6.

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