How to Successfully Execute Content Marketing in a Start-up

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How to Successfully Execute Content Marketing in a Start-up

When starting with a start-up of your own, and this happens to all of us, nobody knows about your project except for your relatives and friends. And as the famous North American entrepreneur Jimmy Wales, creator of Wikipedia says: “Creating a great product is not enough.”


There are definitely several marketing options to make ourselves known and generate the first clients. However, there’s nothing better than content marketing for a context in which we launch start-ups with our own resources (bootstrapped), with no external capital investment.


Throughout this article I would like to share how we successfully implemented this advertising technique on the Internet to position our brand in the market, generate potential clients and finally close sales (generating revenues and incomes.)


1) Internal Work


To begin with, our start-up specializes on the comparison of financial, mobile telephony, insurance, and trip services. Based on this reality, we focused on content marketing. We made the decision of developing a news section for the consumer, but with the transparent goal of generating value for our current and future users.


The aim of this strategy is that if, for example, we compare and offer trips to Europe, then we will generate value sharing an article such as “Which are the best museums in Germany?” or “How to travel in an economical public transport from Rome to Paris?”


In this way, we are aiming at becoming in the long-term in a referent of the industry for the user that is thinking on making a trip as a family vacation; a source of information that generates useful added value for them.


But how to transform this user that only visits our website into a client?


This is the challenge that we must respond to once they visit our website. For example, when they find us through Google that recommended our article “Which are the best tourist attractions in Barcelona?”


In this case, the strategy to transform that user into a client is through remarketing (Google, Facebook and many others already offer this possibility). That is to say that if the client, for example, is making some research to make a trip, then that is the right person to offer our services to when they are navigating other websites. In our case, this work mechanism increased 31% of our power to generate new clients while it decreased 17% of our cost per acquisition.


Another option of means of communication to implement email marketing and increase our client base is to also offer the user the possibility of entering their emails if they find our article or content useful in order to be able to offer them further information in the future.


Lastly, it’s always advisable to add a banner ad with the description of our services on the edge of the article in case the client has already made the decision of moving forward and making the purchase or just experiencing our service.


Down below there’s an example of how we do it adding “call to action” before the article.


How to Successfully Execute Content Marketing in a Start up Guerrilla Marketing Photo


How to Successfully Execute Content Marketing in a Start up Guerrilla Marketing Photo


2) External Work


As we previously saw , we first started by ourselves, generating content value in our industry, but then, what generated excellent results in our start-up was to begin sharing our knowledge in the different media.


A concrete example is that we work with mobile telephony comparing suppliers and that’s the reason we have a deep knowledge of the industry regarding consumption habits, statistics and future tendencies (just what journalists are looking for.)


In this way, we contact millions of online websites in this industry and we offer to share our valuable information with them through infographics, videos, presentations, etc.


This is not a short-term process, it can’t be done overnight; it requires months and even years of development, but it generates acknowledgement and confidence towards our work that is invaluable.


An example of this could be one of our infographics (I recommend using that it’s easy to use and free) that was published on several newspapers, magazines and leading news websites in Latin America.


How to Successfully Execute Content Marketing in a Start up Guerrilla Marketing Photo


How to Successfully Execute Content Marketing in a Start up Guerrilla Marketing Photo
Another alternative is to create a video (we use PowToon) that can even be shared through YouTube, especially for bloggers that have specialized sites in our industry of cellphones, trips, and insurances.




3) Users’ work


To conclude, we saw in the first place the work we should do internally and our news section; then, in the second place, the work we should do to make our work known through the mass media; and in the third place, I would like to highlight a new alternative about how to make content marketing from users.


This strategy is based on specifically opening a section of questions and answers, such as we did, where users are free to publicly post queries if they have one so that we can help them.


This has several advantages. First, as it is a totally public and open section, if we answer a question then other members with the same doubt will be able to find the answer.


Furthermore, when new users observe how we answer in time and manner, they can understand that we take our work seriously, responsibly and that we can answer their own queries transmitting confidence.


Lastly, this brings the additional advantage that later on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! will index this content and it will be offered to other users that have the same queries, which results in new potential clients for our online development.


An example of this section on our platform is:


How to Successfully Execute Content Marketing in a Start up Guerrilla Marketing Photo

I would like to highlight that each one of the three techniques for content marketing previously shared are long-term goals that need dedication and constant work.

I don’t know any shortcut to reach success and generate new clients in our start-up, but I can guarantee that they are excellent long-term strategies that will positively impact on your project.

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