How to register to use Amazon’s Free Tier AWS service for 1 year with ViettelPay

Tram Ho

Sign up for Amazon’s Free Tier AWS service for 1 year without going to the bank? How to do that?

First, we need to learn that AWS (Amazon Web Services) is an Amazon product specializing in providing cloud solutions. In the past, there were many ways to register Acc AWS to use for free for 1 year of VPS, but all have Fix. Like me, I am lazy to do procedures with this bank and such and this is a bit difficult for some of you do not have credit cards. However, I will guide you to register VPS Free AWS 1 year with viettelPay mastercard.

First, register for an AWS account. Then you get mail like this:

AWS accounts include 12 months of free tier usage in using Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB.

Register for viettelPay account and create virtual mastercard

What is ViettelPay Mastercard?

Before we begin, let’s find out what ViettelPay’s Mastercard is.

A non-physical prepaid international prepaid card issued by Viettel in cooperation with Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB) for ViettelPay customers. There are 2 types:

  • Anonymous prepaid card: is a card that does not have the cardholder identification information on ViettelPay / MB system. The balance on an anonymous prepaid card at any time must not exceed VND 05 (five) million and only use the card to pay for goods or services, not allowed to transfer or withdraw cash.
  • Prepaid identification card: is a card that has cardholder identification information on ViettelPay / MB system, allowing the Cardholder to perform card transactions within the value of the money loaded into the card in proportion to the amount of cardholder prepayment to card issuers.
  • When the Cardholder carries out the identification procedure, the anonymous card is transferred to the status of identification card.

What is special about the card

Open the ONLINE card right on your phone

There is NO need for proof of financial or other conditions attached

NO Losing maintenance fee

NO Losing time for card creation – Immediately receive the card after registering

What can this card be used for?

  • Global payment: can be used to pay for goods and services in the application or pay online at any MasterCard card accepting point
  • Payment can be made on website and mobile apps quickly.
  • For anonymous cards, cannot be used to withdraw money or transfer money (only use the card to pay for goods and services).

How to open a card “Mastercard ViettelPay”?

Open ViettelPay application, Personal section in the right corner of the screen

Select “Card” then select “ViettelPay Mastercard”

Select register (registration fee VND 22,000) and enter the password of ViettelPay account.

Then there will be a confirmation message from ViettelPay that you have successfully registered and can start using the card!

Unlock display of card information.

Link cards with AWS

Visit to add your mastercard account You should remember to top up over $ 1 (about 50k something) for your ViettelPay mastercard account to AWS will deduct 1 $ confirmation.

Verify your credit card information is correct. Also, check your credit card activity to see if there’s a $ 1 authorization (this is not a charge). You may need to contact your card issuer to approve the authorization.

You fill out the virtual card information, after billing is complete we try to choose EC2 to create VPS


You wait patiently about 1 hour batch will have notification sent mail to activate the service. You can now use 1 year free to use AWS already

So we use viettelPay to do with google cloud, what about azure?

The unfortunate answer is not because this is a virtual mastercard, so Google and Microsoft do not accept them.

This is a virtual card, also called the Prepaid MasterCard. This card Azure, Gcloud refused to link, if you want to link your card with the above two services, you should go to the bank to make debit cards.


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