How to make HTTP requests in Node.js

Tram Ho

1 – HTTP Standard library set for request.

First in this article is the default HTTP module in the standard library. With this module, you only need to use without subtracting external installs. Of course it is a standard format so it is not standard compared to the solutions that we have listed below. Example of http:


Request is a simplified HTTP application that can be compared to the Python request library. This library is much more user-friendly than the default http module and has been considered an access to the community for many years. This is the choice of many people including me since I started using Node.js and it is great for getting things done quickly. Unlike the http module, you will have to install this module as a dependency from npm, meaning you have to install it.

Example of Request:

3 – Axios

Axios is a promise-based HTTP client for browsers as well as node.js. Using Promises is a big advantage when dealing with code that requires a more complex sequence of events. Writing asynchronous code can be confusing and Promises is one of many solutions to this problem. Also they are even useful in other languages ​​like Swift. Example of Axios:


Of course all of the above doesn’t include all the solutions, but now you see how the basic functionality works in some of the most popular HTTP libraries in Node. There are also libraries like fetch to transfer browser fetch functions to the backend. Other languages ​​have many similar libraries to solve this problem. See other tutorials in Swift, Python, and Ruby. Also, see our Node.js Quickstarts for a place to apply your new skills.

Hopefully this article will provide you with more options in your implementation.

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