How to make Google Chrome browser run much faster

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If the Google Chrome browser is slow, there is still a method to speed it up, which only takes about 5 minutes of the user.

If you’ve been using Google Chrome for a while, you may feel that the browser sometimes loses its original smoothness and becomes sluggish. When trying to find tips to speed up Google Chrome, you’ll come across dozens of suggested pages and lots of different ways.

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A slow Google Chrome browser speed will be annoying to users. Photo: Quertime.

So what’s the best way to speed up Google Chrome? The ZDNe t site has done a lot of testing and eventually found two ways to make Google Chrome work smoothly. Even better, these tips cost less than five minutes to complete.

Here’s how to make Google Chrome work as smoothly as it did in the early days.

The first step is simply to close the browser and then restart.

Restarting will lose all open tabs. But you can fix this by typing “chrome: // settings / onStartup” in the address bar and pressing ENTER. Then in the “On startup” section, select the “Continue from where you stopped” feature. As such, you will always recover open tabs every time you restart Google Chrome.

Once you’ve restarted your browser, see how many tabs you’re having. If more than a dozen will make Chrome run very slowly because tabs take up a lot of system resources. This is almost the biggest reason why the smoothness of Chrome browser is affected.

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Opening too many tabs is often the reason why Google Chrome browser is slow. Photo: Techie Geek.

There are two options for you to speed up Google Chrome in this case. The first is to use the “Bookmarks” feature to save necessary web pages instead of opening too many tabs at once. To activate “Bookmarks, just click on the star on the right in the search bar and the system will automatically store the website you are visiting.

You can also install tab management utilities like OneTab, Session Buddy, and The Great Suspender The Great Suspender.

The second way to improve Chrome speed is to perform a quick system scan for malware using the integrated Google Chrome scanner. To use this feature, click the three dots on the top right of the browser. Then continue to click on “Settings” and select “Advanced”. In the “Reset and clean” section, select “Clean computer” and then press “Search” to complete the process.

If the above 2 ways still not satisfy you, tips you to add a tip that is right-click on the extensions that are running on Chrome (usually added in the right corner of the interface, after the address bar), in the ” This can read and change site data “ , select ” when you click the extension “ .

The purpose of this approach is to prevent Chrome from automatically activating extensions that you do not always have the need to use, thereby saving system resources and Chrome running more smoothly.

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Source : Techtalk