How to Install Grafana on Debian

Tram Ho

What is Grafana

Grafana is an open-source platform dedicated to tracking and evaluating metrics collected. By such definition we can see that Grafana’s applicability is very broad, not just in the IT sector. Any field where data can be obtained with a timeline can be optimized for Grafana. In addition to the ability to connect to various data sources, the interface of this tool is very meditation to the user. Easily provide information and alerts.

Install Grafana on a Debian environment

First of all, invite everyone to see the official documentation from the developer:

Initialize test environment

Because the Grafana installation environment is quite simple, I will use the basic ubuntu: 16.04 image to make a lab similar to the real server.

Note: Need to use the same network with Prometheus for easy connection.

Install the latest Enterprise edition (Capable of upgrading Enterprise edition if desired):

Add repository:

Start grafana-server

View on server browser:

The default Admin account is admin | admin, after the first login, the system will force the admin to change the password.

Initial Dashboard screen:

Screen for adding data sources (Data Sources)

Choose source from Prometheus

Grafana currently supports many popular data sources today.

Create a New Folder> Dashboard> Info Panel

The result is to display the number of messages in the queue available. There are countless other configurations on this Panel to match the data to monitor and warn. If you want to configure other parameters, please leave a question under the comment, I will help if possible!

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