How to get Evidence Shareable links quickly by syncing Google Driver

Tram Ho

Getting Test Evidence (evidence) in the testing process is a step that any QA / Tester has to do, most often it is the evidence describing the bug, evidence after the bug has been solved. But imagine if the customer requires each test case to keep evidence of the results, it is really time consuming right.

Normally to get an Evidence that is shareable link, we will perform the following steps:

  1. Capture Evidence
  2. Save to your computer locally
  3. Open the folder link to save Evidence on the google web driver
  4. Upload the file
  5. Upload successful -> Get Shareable link.

However, we can still shorten the steps to get evidence of Shareable links more quickly by synchronizing Google Driver. The same reference you offline! Steps to get Shareable link using Google Driver Backup and Sync:

  1. Capture Evidence
  2. Save to local computer
  3. Get Shareable link right on local computer, no need to google web driver, no need to upload files.

Instructions for installation and implementation steps:

I. Download the software “Backup and Sync from Google”

Download link:

II. Setting

Open the downloaded installation file and select “GET STARTES”

Sign in with the email address you are using

Select the Folder you want to back up (A new folder should be created for Evidence storage)

Select the folder you want to sync (Choose the second option “Sync only these folders”, then just select the folder on My driver that I will save Evidence in the folder list below, this option just reduces redundant files used when sync to computer)

How to get the folder from the web Driver to My driver (see step III below)

After selecting the Folder to Sync, wait for Sync to complete, the successful results will be as below (with a green tick):

Open the folder, all the Evidence in the google web driver folder that we access and upload files daily will be synchronized to your computer, now you just need to capture Evidence and save directly to this Folder, the file evidence will automatically upload web driver folder.

Here, you can get the shareable link without opening the web, no need to upload files anymore:

III. How to “Add to My Driver” (Add folder from Web Driver to Personal Driver)

  1. Open the Folder link on the Google Driver Web (the folder link that I normally upload Evidence to)
  2. Select Folder (Click on Folder)
  3. Press the key combination “Shift + Z”
  4. Select My Driver and click “ADD”

Refer to Secure Backup your files:

Thank you!

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