How to experience Vmessage: “iMessage” of Vingroup?

Tram Ho

How to activate Vmessage?

Because Vmessage is a messaging service between Vsmart phone users, users will be required to own Vsmart phones. In addition, users will also need to install a software update in the future to be able to use this feature.

Vmessage is integrated directly into VOS’s default messaging application. To activate, users need to go to Settings> VinSmart Call & Message. Note, users will need to log in (or register if they do not have) Vining account of Vingroup. The phone number that users will use to Vmessage / Vcall will be the phone number used to register for VinID account.

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After successful activation, users can send Vmessage to another Vsmart user and also activate Vmessage via phone number.

What features does Vmessage have?

Besides sending traditional text messages, Vmessage also supports sending audio messages (voice) and attaching photos, videos, location, contacts. In addition, users can also create group conversations (group conversations) to chat with many people at the same time.

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Vmessage supports a “read receipt”, which indicates whether the message has been sent or not. However, there is currently no option to allow users to hide the status of having read other people’s messages.

To adorn the conversation, users can select the background (background) for it. This is not a very necessary feature, but perhaps some people (especially women) will like it. However, through testing, this feature does not currently work as expected when the background image when placed will not appear on the other end.

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The last significant feature of Vmessage is that users can delete sent messages at both ends of the conversation. When users delete messages, they will have two options “Delete messages on your side” and “Delete messages with everyone”. If you select “Delete messages from everyone”, the message will disappear in both your device, and the device of the person you are chatting with. This is a feature that even iMessage does not have.

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Through experience, Vmessage for messaging speed is quite fast and stable. However, Vmessage still has some limitations as follows:

– The recipient’s phone number must be in the phonebook for Vmessage to message. If users simply enter a phone number into the Messages application, they will not be able to send messages as Vmessage but only SMS.

– In case the recipient cannot receive Vmessage (due to no Internet connection), the sender’s messaging application will not automatically switch to send SMS. Therefore, users will need to pay attention to whether their messages have been sent successfully and switch to sending SMS in case of necessity.

Vcall: Video call & voice call services

In parallel with Vmessage, VinSmart also started the Vcall service – a free call service between Vsmart machines. Vcall supports audio and video calls.

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Nothing much to comment on Vcall, due to its only feature is making calls. However, Vcall has implemented this unique feature relatively well, when the quality of calls and videos via Vcall is very good, absolutely no less competitive with other services.

Will Vmessage and Vcall succeed?

Vmessage and Vcall have shown a certain investment of VinSmart in creating a complete communication system exclusively for Vsmart users. While still in beta, the basic features of Vmessage and Vcall both work well.

However, we do not expect too much of Vmessage’s success, because this is a service specifically for Vsmart users and has a very limited number of users. Given the popularity of cross-platform messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, Zalo, Viber with a large number of users, it’s hard to find a compelling reason to use Vmessage.

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