How much money do Apple, Google, Facebook make per second?

Tram Ho

Earning more than $1.3 trillion in revenue in the past month, the top five in that industry also managed to turn most of that into a profit . In fact, they made no less than $300 billion in profits last year, which is remarkable given the fact that this is the sort of thing that is likely to eventually allow them to grow more than they could otherwise. past.


Apple, Google, Facebook kiếm được bao nhiêu tiền mỗi giây? - Ảnh 1.

The tech sector has received a big boost thanks to the pandemic. Big Five profits surged with Alphabet (Google’s parent company) nearly doubling profits with a 98% gain, and Apple, Amazon, Meta (Facebook’s parent company) and Microsoft reaching 65%, 59 %, 51% and 43%.

What that means is that these companies are “incredibly rich,” even to the point where the vast majority of people don’t fully understand just how rich they really are. Apple in particular, which has raked in more than $3,000 per second over the past year. That means in less than half a minute Apple will make more money than most lawyers from fancy colleges can make in a year!

We live in this day and age where companies are seeing profits like never before and this has turned their stock into one of the most valuable things people can last. Invest your money together. With these companies so focused on expansion and growth, chances are these increased profits will make people’s lives easier and possibly create a positive feedback loop. extreme never seen before.

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