How much money can the “king of the blows” earn per year?

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On August 19, Ho Chi Minh City Police officially launched criminal proceedings against the copyright infringement case related to the website – the largest pirated movie site in Vietnam, and at the same time traced the person behind the pirated movie website. this famous.


During the investigation, the police force identified the leader of the website as Nguyen Tuan Tu (from Lam Dong). Since 2014, this person has built a website to show movies online for free on the internet platform.

After that, Tu hired two people with high technical skills in programming to program, manage and operate this pirated movie website. In order to obtain illicit revenue, these subjects have copied, exploited, used, displayed and communicated copyrighted cinematographic works to the public and sold advertising products on pirated film sites. this.

Notably, Tu’s group has repeatedly violated the film’s copyright when showing new films without the permission of the parties involved. In addition, the people behind the pirated movie website also trade in advertising and illegal services to gain illegal profits with the amount of billions of dong per year.

Vua lỳ đòn có thể kiếm bao nhiêu tiền mỗi năm? - Ảnh 1.

The Ho Chi Minh City Police officially prosecuted the group leading the website on August 19. is the largest pirated movie site in Vietnam. This website specializes in providing viewers with blockbuster movies from many countries around the world, with Vietnamese subtitles and completely free. Movies shown on television or even new to theaters are also updated extremely quickly on this pirated website.

Although it is a pirated movie website, specializing in illegally copying copyrighted movies from many countries, these websites have never been shut down. Because before that, this pirated movie website used to constantly change its domain name, from to and then to to bypass the authorities.

In the past, they had many “escapes”. After being knocked down for the first time in 2020, go back to add 2 z’s to Phimmoizz, then when it’s knocked down for the second time in 2021, continue to come back by adding 1 i to Phimmoiizz!

Specifically, from the night of June 17, 2020, the large pirated movie site was inaccessible by normal means and displayed the message “We’re sorry but the page you’re booking for could not found.” “.

However, when turning on Hotspot Shield software to access the internet using VPN, users can still access this pirated movie site but can only watch the movie’s trailer.

Soon after, on the fanpage of this largest pirated movie site, which currently has 21,000 members, there was a line announcing a new link that can be accessed quickly and without having to go through a VPN. After blocking the domain, went back and changed to

By February 2021, in the face of the common situation of watching pirated movies and exchanging pirated films in Vietnam, a report from the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) titled “Markets for buying and selling counterfeit intellectual property and piracy in 2020″ has named 3 infringing websites and 2 of them are popular in Vietnam.

The content of the report said: ” Phimmoi is a website to watch Vietnamese movies, illegally providing thousands of American movies and TV shows. The domain name has been blocked by Vietnam, however the user redirected to The new web address is still one of the most popular websites in Vietnam until now .

By March 2021, Morning Consult, which has an Office of Trade Representative in the US, has denounced this pirated movie website for its illegal posting of thousands of movies and TV shows. Immediately the domain was blocked.

However, after that, most of the traffic turned to Phimmoizz and the website was still working normally.

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The second “escape” of

Next, on April 24, 2021, users discovered that the largest pirated movie website in Vietnam,, was suddenly “discolored”. Specifically, when accessing this domain, users only receive a message in English with the content ‘Error 522’.

Worth mentioning, just a few hours later, some netizens discovered a pirated movie website with the domain suddenly working again. This is said to be a new domain name changed by to ‘surpass’ the authorities.

Cybersecurity experts said that this pirated movie website all uses international domain names, with very cheap prices, only a few hundred thousand dong/year. Therefore, the situation that every time there is a pirated movie website “dead”, there will immediately appear another website to replace it is inevitable.

The Ho Chi Minh City Police has decided to prosecute a criminal case related to the website:, which happened in Ho Chi Minh City. At the same time, the victim is requested to be the authors, copyright holders, and rights holders’ representatives to the headquarters of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department (PC03 – Team 9) at the address: 674 3/2 street, ward 14 , District 10 to meet Investigator Le Trung Luan.

Currently, Nguyen Tuan Tu and related people have been invited by the police to work to serve the investigation of the case.

THE BOSS OF THE BREAKING FILM WEBSITE 0 VND BUT BILLIONS EVERY WEEK has been widely known since about 2010 and before being ‘touched’, it had more than 100 million visits/month.

Going to, the first thing that catches the eye of the viewer is a gambling advertisement, in which, right at the top of the page, an advertisement for L. online casino is displayed with attractive information such as “the highest odds in the market. school”, every day receive 200 million VND for free… including backpacking, gambling, lottery games, online casinos, slot games, shooting fish, sports matches, cockfighting/horse racing.. .

Below the page, on the left is an advertisement for a shooting game, on the right is an advertisement for the house N. also specializes in sports betting, virtual sports, lotto, casino… Randomly click on many movies posted at Here, in the first 5 seconds, viewers are required to see an online casino ad.

According to Tuoi Tre’s research, the reason why pirated movie websites like Phimmoi managed to survive despite breaking the law is because the money collected from advertising banners and advertising content is quite fragrant.

According to a quote of collected by some people in the advertising field, the number of visitors to in March 2020 from March 1, 2020 to March 31, 2020 was 27,875,518 people. The price list of Phimmoi’s banner is extremely high, with the lowest position being 15 million VND/week and the highest up to 200 million VND/week.

Vua lỳ đòn có thể kiếm bao nhiêu tiền mỗi năm? - Ảnh 3.
Vua lỳ đòn có thể kiếm bao nhiêu tiền mỗi năm? - Ảnh 4.

Quotations for PC banner ads of Phimmoi

According to this quotation, with 36 banner positions per month, the owner of the new film can earn hundreds of billions of dong if the positions are filled. Not only has huge revenue, few people know that in order to maintain a pirated movie site with a revenue of hundreds of billions of dong per month, its owner only spends very little money.

Specifically, instead of investing in a movie hosting server, pirated movie sites take advantage of the resources of giants such as Google and Facebook to store and play them back, thereby creating a 0-dong capital business.

However, the way is gradually becoming obsolete when Google has some preventive measures. In addition, the above method also incurs some costs and does not guarantee the stability of pirated movie web. Therefore, pirates have to spend money to buy unlimited Google Drive accounts for students with prices ranging from 150,000 to 300,000 VND for storage.

In addition, Google has a mechanism to block links with unusually increased traffic. This causes pirated websites to spend time preparing many links, preventing link locking and countless other copyright risks.

But with Facebook, things are different. Movie web owners do not have to spend any money to host on this platform.

Before working on Google Drive, they had to spend one capital to get four. Now, with Facebook, they don’t need to spend another penny, but the system is much more stable ,” said Mr. Thai Son, a programmer. website member in Binh Thanh district, HCMC shared.

Vua lỳ đòn có thể kiếm bao nhiêu tiền mỗi năm? - Ảnh 5.

The banner position on the mobile interface of has the highest price up to 180 million VND/week

Vua lỳ đòn có thể kiếm bao nhiêu tiền mỗi năm? - Ảnh 6.

Demo of mobile banner placement of Phimmoi

According to Mr. Son’s technical analysis, first, movie web owners only need to create a fanpage on Facebook, uploading movies in private mode to avoid Facebook scanning the copyright of each movie. Because this social network does not consider the copyright of private videos, Mr. Son added.

After completing the uploading step, the movie web owner will stream (play) the movie to the website by checking the source code of the Facebook page with the video, find the path after the code sd_src_no_ratelimit: corresponding to the SD standard and hd_src_no_ratelimit: corresponding to the standard SD and hd_src_no_ratelimit: HD standard.

With this source, the video will no longer have a viewing interface like on Facebook with the poster’s name, number of views …”, Mr. Son shared.

However, this link has a certain lifespan. Specifically, after 4 hours, Facebook will refresh them once. However, with just a few simple lines of code, the website owner was able to create a tool that automatically gets the latest link from Facebook every time a user watches a movie.

As noted, most of the pirated and pirated movie websites with large traffic such as Phimmoi, Phimbathu… have switched to using Facebook’s video server instead of Google.

Among them, many pages deliberately hide the Facebook link so as not to reveal the source of the video, to avoid being stolen by another page. And as usual, the JWplayer application, the famous movie streaming software in the pirated web world, is also used to create a beautiful player for the site.

This software is sold for $1,000/year. However, to cut the entire amount of money spent, the web owner also cracked this support software.

According to some sources,, the site to watch pirated movies with the highest traffic in Vietnam, charges a fee of up to 25 million VND/week for an ad box, and a TVC segment before the movie is shown at nearly 20,000 VND/1,000. view.

Thus, the two most expensive problems to make a movie web, sever (server) and buying movie rights, are solved by website owners with almost zero money. It is the ease of construction and With huge profits brought, pirated web is becoming a direct competitor to domestic OTT platforms.

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