How easy it is to speculate on bitcoin: To the point of looking at the moon and stars, you can predict the price of money going up or down

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Maren Altman is a bitcoin investor and astrologer.

This New York-based girl has been tracking the movements of celestial bodies to predict bitcoin’s price movements since last summer. And while many may mock these methods, she has built a community of about 1 million followers on her social network TikTok.

Last week, the 22-year-old told her followers to watch for the January 11 price correction.

Why? That is when Saturn will pass through Mercury.

Bitcoin fell as much as 21% that day, before rebounding then slipping again and rebounding, gradually returning to a record $ 42,000 last week.

“I would never tell someone to buy this or that,” Altman said. “I can predict the price trajectory but do not claim to be a financial advisor, or know about someone’s specific circumstances and therefore would never advise to buy or sell.”

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If you haven’t followed Altman then Mercury represents bitcoin’s price data rising and Saturn is a limited indicator. Although many may argue that Altman’s analysis is unreliable and just like any divination, this girl remains among the growing group of young influencers on TikTok, which belong to the group. audience is starting to post crypto content as it starts to rise again from 2020.

They are jumping into the race to trade bitcoin, an area full of mysteries that even makes it difficult for many professional financial analysts, as it is clear that the cryptocurrency lacks the underlying data points that can be used. used to evaluate as traditional property.

“I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to bitcoin predictions,” said Craig Erlam, an analyst at forex broker OANDA. “I think it’s just a choice of people trying to justify every reason to be optimistic.”

Bitcoin has increased fivefold since the beginning of 2020, leading investment banks to predict more returns in the future. Citigroup says bitcoin could reach $ 318,000, while JPMorgan Chase & Co thinks it will reach $ 146,000.

So what do the stars say about this world’s favorite cryptocurrency?

“I see some favorable indicators at the end of the month and especially in February and early March,” Altman said. “However in mid-March, I saw a big correction. Mid-April is also really less optimistic. Maybe a bullish (bullish outlook) trend.”

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