How do IT students practice programming soon? What is and is not?

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Most programmers have to go through the stage of study, practice, trial and then go to work, so how to graduate and have good experience, it will depend on the job. You try, take advantage of your time in school and focus on your main goal, besides it will have to trade a lot of things, this article I will share my knowledge and experiences to You can go to practice early with assessing the points that are gained and lost when you go to programming early.
Table of contents

  1. The “Yes” when going to practice early
  2. The “Lost” when going to practice early
  3. How to go to practice soon

1. The “Yes” when going to practice early

Get experience, practical work experience

  • When you go to practice early, you will experience earlier than your peers, you will know how the working environment is, different from the school like.
  • You will be able to interact with the older siblings, who have the skills and work experience, you will be instructed and learn a lot from them.
  • Will learn soft skills such as communication and exchange with people, team work skills
  • You will be more responsible for yourself, with the team, with the project with your company

Learn and work with new technologies, new knowledge

  • You will learn, be trained, or you will simply have a clear path to self-learning new knowledge, the technologies that are widely used in reality, you will know more deeply the basics you study at school.
  • You will know how to self-study more effectively and more importantly, you know how to search google and know how to copy pate =)).

Learn how to deal with and be under pressure

  • There will be a time when you have to run a project deadline, have to take a test at school, have to do a great homework, but also have to retake the exam again.
  • And one more thing you learn is resignation and acceptance, like you do a whole week of hard work but the project changes => and you will start over =))
  • Learn time management skills

Learn more from the previous ones

  • It is easier for you to ask older siblings who are ahead of the more experienced people, when in actual work, we find that work but older people tend to be afraid to ask younger people, Because you are an intern and is younger, so it is easy to ask, but it is easy to go ahead.

Beauty CV

Have you ever wondered what employers need? Will they choose student A with a good university degree but have to retrain from the beginning or will recruit student B with not too good academic performance but having practical experience before?
The companies, big and small, still want a candidate with more practical experience than those who only learn and study all day.
Therefore, going to an early internship will help you gain valuable experience to put in your CV and impress the employer.

Get Money

Yes, everyone has a purpose to work to make money, you will earn a decent amount to pay to reduce the burden of parents and buy what you like or go somewhere else.

1. The “Lost” when going to practice early

The first one is time-consuming – On average students will study from 4 -> 6h a day, if in the morning they go to practice in the afternoon and go to school in the evening and busy with home knowledge in class and Deadline hanging on So, then what is the time to go and exchange, fuck. You will not have much time to sleep, there is no time for your lover … but there is no lover that worries =))

The second is imbalance of work and study

When you are new to the pressure of studying in a new environment, it is easy to lose balance when you have to study and work at the same time. This is quite dangerous because it can make your academic results plummeting, stressed and depressed, depressed …

The third is not necessarily expanded their knowledge

Going to practice, you can know how to self-study and improve your friends. Therefore, it is up to you whether you spend time sitting on the company but gaining knowledge. For some companies you may also have to do jobs but most of the work you already know. And with the hard work you already know you won’t have time to think about expanding your knowledge. Do not have time to study other things you like because you are involved in a lot of work.

3. How to get an internship early

In the previous two parts, I talked about the gains and losses, so you can know if you should practice early, before choosing to practice, you should also consider your knowledge if you do not have enough knowledge. The background will become much more difficult when you go to practice while not equipped with background knowledge. So, you need to be prepared mentally that the job will not be easy even sometimes you will find yourself useless. However, when you pass this stage, you will gain much more valuable practical knowledge than plain theories from books.

Experiences for IT students to practice programming early

1. Focus on learning the background knowledge

  • In the first years, students will usually study from 4-> 6 am on the school, the rest of the time you usually focus on self-study of subjects such as basic information, then basic programming, along with the subjects on the school will supplement. Background knowledge for you as Advanced Math.
  • At this time, self-learning is quite slow, you can watch the video asking but if you go ahead or have conditions, you should study at the center,
  • Self-study is very important and practice self-study
    2. Go into one language and one direction
  • When you have learned quite a lot of background knowledge, you should choose to follow a learning direction such as web, app, addroid or AI, ML.
  • You should choose according to a language in accordance with the direction above if according to the Web, PHP, JAVA, C # … as I also follow the web and php later on going to practice, you will learn more languages ​​and knowledge. other formula.
  • Follow a language and learn more deeply, learn the things related to it and do big assignments, small projects to practice and for interviewing, there is something to show.
  • In addition to the above self-study, you must ensure that you study at school, but if you repeat a few subjects, you will not have time to practice, and because the background knowledge on the school is very important for later.
    3. Internship interview
  • When you feel that you have enough background knowledge to go on an internship, you can find out about internship companies, you can go on the website, or through your previous siblings.
  • Find companies that hire the right jobs and the things you want to study (ask more about what you are going to do)
  • Interview: because it is a practical interview, the requirements are not very difficult, it is mainly a background of knowledge, be confident and share everything you know with the interviewer.If you are suitable, you will receive or If not, try again


Above are the experiences I have drawn after my study period-> internship-> going to work officially , maybe it is not suitable for everyone but it is also a source for your reference.

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