How do iPhones bought several years still run as fast as new?

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Làm thế nào để iPhone mua vài năm vẫn chạy nhanh như mới? - Ảnh 1.

Analysts say people are “lazy” to upgrade iPhone than before. That’s understandable because smartphones released in recent years are not significantly different. Whether your phone is expensive or not, you can easily perform basic functions like surfing the web, viewing social networks, and accessing applications.

So, if you’re completely happy with your current iPhone, even if you’ve bought it for a few years, here are some ways to get it running like new.

Software updates

Make sure you always update to the latest software. They patch security holes, fix bugs on software and improve performance. For phones that have been 3-4 years old, updating to new versions may slow them down but will help you access the latest features.

You can upgrade your iPhone by going to Settings> General> Software Update. For Android, the process is a bit different because there are many manufacturers. However, it is usually located in Settings> System> Advanced> Software Update.

Release memory

Another reason users want to buy a new phone is the memory is full. You can completely free up memory to hold more content. For example, photos and videos use the most space, so you should use Google Photos or Apple Photos to sync to the cloud.

Apple Photos for up to 5GB on iCloud, beyond this you pay 99 cents / month for 50GB of memory. Google Photos is unlimited, but quality is compromised. If you want to download high quality photos, you can buy Google One for $ 1.99 / month for 100GB of storage.

Also, you should delete unused applications. On iPhone, go to Settings> General> iPhone Storage, the most space-consuming applications are listed first. You view and delete unnecessary applications.

On Android, the process differs depending on the phone, but basically go to Settings> Storage> Free Up Space and delete the unnecessary.

“The culprit” battery drain

Smartphone battery over time is not as durable as the original. You can change the battery, but firstly find out what is the “culprit” that consumes the battery.

On iPhone, go to Settings> Battery> Baterry Usage by App. Please remove unnecessary applications but consume battery or use time limit.

On Android, the basic steps include Settings> Battery and then press the menu icon in the top right corner, select Battery Usage.

Replace the batteries

Android users will be more comfortable because they just need to go to the store and suggest replacing the battery. Meanwhile, Apple offers a more stringent battery replacement program. To check iPhone battery status, go to Settings> Battery> Battery Health.

If it is reported that it is not working properly or its maximum capacity is below 90%, you should replace the battery. If your iPhone is still under warranty or has purchased an Apple Care plan, Apple will replace the battery for free. If the warranty has expired, you have to pay $ 69 for iPhone X, XS, XS Max or XR and $ 49 for older iPhones.

Phone protection

Another reason people think of new phones is that they break screens, break phones. You can prevent this by using a screen protector and a back cover.

You should also buy insurance if you can afford it. Apple Care + provides repair services for unexpected damage, theft …

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