How can I read as many books as Bill Gates?

Tram Ho

Recently, I found myself having a lot in common with Bill Gates. I am referring to love books in general. Whatever you call, but we both seem to have a passion for reading. I even stayed up until 2 in the morning reading Nir Eyal’s “Indistractable”. I tormented whether I should put that book down because it was so good.

There must be a question in your mind right now. You want to know how I started reading (and enjoying) more books. The answer is simple I followed Bill Gates’ reading habits and then began to apply them in my own life.

If you want to practice this habit, here are some strategies you can use to read more books in 2021. Each of these insights has changed my life for the better and for the better. believe they will work for you too.

Choose your own format for more efficient reading.

I read books the way my friends watch Netflix: I do it whenever I get a chance. I don’t care if I’m cooking dinner, taking the subway into downtown or anything else. I will always find ways to read.

– I have the kindle app on iPad and Macbook.

– I read books in bed, on the sofa and anywhere else comfortable.

– I’ll take the book to a cafe or park and read there in a few hours.

– I listen to audiobooks whenever my eyes are busy with something else.

It’s important to remember that you don’t need to complicate the process of creating a reading habit. Usually, you just need to choose a format that’s right for you so you can read it whenever you get the chance.

Take notes in the margin to better understand the content.

I call this the “make beautiful notes like the Matt method” approach. I’m trying to think of it a sounding name. Hence, if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Taking notes on the book’s margin is great. Why? Taking notes while reading a new book has helped me understand the lessons of each book in a more efficient way. But if you think I’m the only one implementing this strategy then it’s not. Bill Gates once said:

“Especially if it’s a science book, are you linking new knowledge to what you already have? For me, taking notes helps me make sure I’m really thinking about what is written in the book. “

Whenever I read a book, I write a few words about how a particular idea can be applied to my everyday life. Try to do the same. Write small margin notes to explain and better understand what the author wants to say.

Read all the books that have opened so that you don’t miss out on your knowledge.

I tend to choose books to read like choose movies to watch. If you only watch the climax, you will never appreciate the setting, the plot, and everything that makes a movie interesting. So if you want to chat with your friends about the movie, you probably have a hole in it somewhere.

Reading a book is the same thing. Certainly, there will be chapters to read more interesting than the rest. But when you finish reading a book, you will understand every point the author is trying to convey. After that, it’s much easier to decide whether you like the book or not.

“You won’t really get old until you stop learning. Every book teaches me something new or helps me see things differently.” – Bill Gates

Read all the books you have opened. Each book is a collection of someone’s thoughts and ideas. Chances are, reading to the end (probably) will help you learn something new. Or, at least, you can see things from a completely different perspective.

Understand the context of the book you are reading.

I love puzzles, so I’ll use one as conjugation. Every new thought and idea is part of the jigsaw puzzle. And once you combine all the pieces together, you can create a stunning picture. In essence, you will understand the title on a much deeper level.

This strategy helps me enjoy reading 10 times more. Because when I understand the context of a book, I find that it’s much easier to put things in perspective.

I have a book “Obstacle Is the Way” by Ryan Holiday on the nightstand. When I first read it, I thought it was great. But when I learn about stoicism and reread the book, I understand everything much deeper. Simply put, it’s a lot more interesting.

Find out something new about the subject of the book you’re reading. Watch a documentary. Listen to Podcasts. Be smartly curious.

I think the book is wonderful. They are a window into someone’s life, thoughts, ideas, … Within hours, you can learn something new that it took others years (or even years of). decades) new realization.

So if you want to read more books by 2021, consider adopting these strategies to become a prolific reader like Bill Gates. Choose your format. Take notes in the margin. Read all the books you have opened. Understand the context of everything you are reading.

If you can do those things every time you read, you’ll quickly find yourself reading more books. What are you waiting for?

Get started now.

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