How beneficial UI / UX is for a Developer ???

Tram Ho

Preamble :

Surely everyone, when participating in the project, have heard about the concept of UI / UX, right? But for some of you new to work, and may be a toddler in the profession, you may not have heard of this concept.

Therefore, today I will make an article to share with you about UI / UX: what is its concept? and how is the importance of UI / UX for a website?

Let’s get it

Want to learn something, you must understand the concept already:

For newbies, these are two concepts that are quite easy to confuse as one, but actually different (no difference, what do I write this article for?

  • UI Design stands for User Interface Design – That is, the design of the user interface.
  • UX Design stands for User Experience Design – The optimal design of user experience.

More details yet:

UI Designer (User interface design) – Interface design

As her grandparents said, ‘The hair is the corner of a person’ , a beautiful face can make many people fall in love. Web interface too, in a technology product, the user interface is an extremely important part because it is in direct contact and brings the experience to the user, the user can directly feel by ear, ear. eye. A beautiful interface can make the user quite a lot more sympathetic to the first contact with our website.

You try to think that if you visit a website with poor contrasting colors or ugly interface, the first thing that pops into your mind is the loss of sympathy and trust in that website. No matter how good the service is in there

(Bad, too messy)

UI will conduct research and receive information from UX Designer, thereby giving graphic interface design for software, applications on mobile and computer, websites including elements such as color, images, languages, methods of using features, layout layout, layout arrangement of digital products, …

UX (User Experience Design) – Design user experience

UX is the operations that users use when participating in our website (App). A good UX is the UX that all operations on the page are easy, easy to use, thereby making the website easier to reach more people. Nobody wants to use a confusing, complicated website.

(Hate most is popup)

UI and UX go hand in hand:

These are two things that always go together, it can be said that the lack of one is impossible. Beautiful UI and bad UX are like you are lazy to lie to the user (looking good, but annoying, annoying). Good UX, bad UI, will never return to your website again ?

How are UI and UX to developers?

Many of you think, what the hell do developers need to know about UI / UX?

In fact, this is also true if you work in embedded or specialized in back-end. However, if you want to become a web developer, or a mobile-app developer, don’t miss out on learning and understanding UI / UX.

Although the design work is usually the designer, but not all companies have a designer, and sometimes the designer just finishes designing the interface and everything else will be yours.

UI / UX is really not that hard to learn. As for developers, I think it is fine to have basic knowledge and learn more (if you have time, it is better to take the time to learn by yourself).

Understanding UI / UX makes it easier for developers to communicate with Designer or customers to create better functionality, better suited to the project.

That is my personal opinion about UI / UX, what about you guys, please comment below to discuss this topic. Many thanks

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