How are Vietnamese young people being given opportunities to create the future?

Tram Ho

We are entering an era called Globalization, where technology and techniques are widely disseminated all over the world, bringing opportunities to access intellectual civilization for everyone. Vietnam also shows its efforts in approaching the trend of Globalization. In 2015, Vietnam opened 50 industries to foreign countries and eased constraints in hundreds of others. Vietnam is also a founding member of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, a multilateral trade agreement that includes Australia, Canada and Japan. Vietnam is also about to sign a trade agreement with the European Union. The agreement signed with South Korea in 2015 has made Vietnam the fourth largest trading partner of Korea.

Giới trẻ Việt đang được trao những cơ hội kiến tạo tương lai như thế nào? - Ảnh 1.

Samsung plans to increase its total investment in Vietnam to 20 billion USD.

Actions to approach the trend of Globalization allow young Vietnamese to not only develop their abilities but also receive completely new opportunities for self-development. The Vietnamese themselves in recent years have proven their valuable qualities such as diligence, creativity, intelligence and a strong will to strive. This is also the reason why leading electronics and technology corporations in the world have chosen Vietnam as a destination in recent years. The most prominent among them is the number 1 technology corporation in Korea, the world’s top Samsung.

Strong investment resources from Samsung

According to the Government Newspaper, Samsung is effectively investing in Vietnam with a record capital of 18 billion USD, expected to raise capital to 20 billion USD in the near future. Last year alone, the export value of Samsung products from Vietnam reached US$65.5 billion, making an important contribution to the Vietnamese economy, making Vietnam a center for manufacturing electronics and home appliances. world leading.

From 2018, Samsung announced that it would build a new Research and Development Center right in Vietnam and today, that commitment is about to come true. The center will soon be put into operation and through that, the corporation wants to invest in developing young and new human resources, promoting research on artificial intelligence and big data.

Creating a future for Vietnamese youth

Perhaps not many big companies follow the way Samsung is doing, when organizing a lot of events and contests aimed at Vietnamese youth, stimulating the development of creativity, enterprising thinking right from the school age. student. Solve For Tomorrow 2022 is the most obvious example. This is a contest to honor the inventions and applications of science and technology of students at high schools across the country. Interesting innovations such as the “Smart Library Management System”, which replaces the previous manual borrowing and returning of books at school libraries, or the “IoT hospital bed for patients with infectious diseases and old people at home” makes an impression on followers.

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Solve For Tomorrow is a meaningful contest for Vietnamese students.

They are only high school students, but they already know how to apply IoT technology with the function of measuring health indicators and sending them to applications/webservers/programmed phone numbers… thereby helping their loved ones easily. monitor health and take care of patients/elderly in the best way. Such excellent initiatives have helped the children themselves win prizes including a Samsung product worth up to VND 25 million and a trip to Korea. This is a worthy incentive reward for efforts to prove themselves, increase self-confidence for students, and at the same time create a useful and meaningful playground for Vietnamese youth in general.

Even more impressive to know that Solve For Tomorrow has been going on to season 4 and shows no signs of stopping. That means that many young people will be given the opportunity to develop themselves in the future, so that in the future, they will become talented people to serve the country.

Besides the school age, Samsung also promotes the development of career opportunities and knowledge for young people at the age of preparing / working. The most prominent among them is the Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC). Built on the principle of ensuring that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) and ISO 26000 standards are maintained in business, operations and education orientation; SIC brings training and retraining activities to equip the future workforce with necessary skills in the field of technology.

Giới trẻ Việt đang được trao những cơ hội kiến tạo tương lai như thế nào? - Ảnh 3.

Samsung Innovation Campus gives young people the opportunity to improve their skills, supplement knowledge effectively..

Accordingly, SIC targets young people aged 14-24, who are students at junior high schools, high schools, universities and colleges across the country. SIC offers 4 technology competency development courses, including: AI, IoT and Big Data and 1 basic software skills course, in addition to soft skills and vocational skills.

Not just limited to technology fields

In addition to providing career guidance for young people and creating meaningful playgrounds for them, Samsung also pays great attention to developing thinking and career orientation in the entertainment field. The most obvious example is Awesome Academy’s meaningful activity – turning gamers’ “professional” dreams into reality. Referring to games, or video games, Vietnamese people have always had more or less negative stereotypes about this type of entertainment. However, in recent years, games in general and e-sports as well as gamers in particular have been given more importance. Continuously many tournaments are opened to attract young people, with great prizes with amounts of up to 9 or even 10 digits.

Gamers have also proven that their e-sports career can be considered a true career, not just a form of entertainment. And from that, many people see the huge potential of the gaming segment. Awesome Academy was born to help young Vietnamese get the most professional and methodical gaming training possible.

Giới trẻ Việt đang được trao những cơ hội kiến tạo tương lai như thế nào? - Ảnh 4.

The game is not only entertainment, with Awesome Academy, Vietnamese young people have access to a professional and methodical training environment.

Supporting young people’s dreams, Samsung also promotes activities that stimulate confidence and determination to do the impossible, such as the meaningful campaign #TeamUnstoppable, encouraging young people to believe in their decisions. Dare to do things that have been hesitant before. This is considered a strong inspiration for young people to help them explore the world, connect resources and bring positive change to society.

It can be seen that, not only at the huge amount of investment capital, Samsung’s efforts to give Vietnamese young people opportunities are very appreciative. In the coming 2023, in the context that the world economy has just experienced drastic fluctuations from the Covid-19 epidemic, such activities are the best way to empower young people to develop their potential. themselves more effectively.

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