How Apple celebrates the Lunar New Year with the latest iPhone line

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No one can deny that Apple is in fact the king of marketing. Chirag Kulkarni shared about Apple’s marketing activities like:

● Focus on the single value proposition rather than on price.

● Create experiences.

● Use the language of the customer and talk to them.

● Approach the audience’s emotions.

● Use visuals.

Have you seen an Apple ad and found yourself involved in it? I have, and those are the Chinese New Year ads. As an Asian, I really understand the stories, traditions, the importance of reunions on this occasion. Apple touched me.

Highlight the best iPhone feature for advertising campaigns

Cách Apple đón Tết Nguyên Đán với iPhone dòng mới nhất - Ảnh 1.

We see more and more brands releasing smartphones, and they use the camera as the highlight of the product.

Whether or not you are influential people will still have the opportunity to travel. But going around just taking pictures with a DSLR and then having to edit in Photoshop or Lightroom is a bit too cumbersome. They also depend on different social networking platforms, especially with Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Linkedin, Fleets, TikTok to share content.

In short, an excellent phone camera is essential. Therefore, the Lunar New Year campaign is the perfect time to herald the iPhone’s camera quality.

Although not a New Year promotion, in 2017, Apple released “The City”, which featured a young couple wandering around Shanghai, taking pictures eating noodles, visiting the aquarium. and use the iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode. The message “focus on what you love” is clearly shown in this 71-second video. The image quality is really good for a camera released four years ago.

Talk to your audience with a story

Cách Apple đón Tết Nguyên Đán với iPhone dòng mới nhất - Ảnh 2.

Based on a true story, the theme for Apple’s 2018 Lunar New Year promotion is called “Three Minutes” to “reunite.” A mother who works as a boat guide has never enjoyed the Lunar New Year with her son in many years. And they only have 3 minutes of reunion. Despite the limited time, her son hardly asked for the reason. What you say before the reunion can affect the way the reunion plays out.

This video is really touching. Apple has done a great job in this regard.

Did you know the train route from Nanning to Harbin is the longest and the trip takes 6 days? This ad was filmed using an iPhone X.

“The Bucket” is Apple’s 2019 advertising, focusing on the tradition of bringing “home flavor”. I found myself in this 6 minute long video. Like the young man in the video, my mother once packed me food from the hometown when I went back to England for college.

Almost a year after the release of the iPhone X, the iPhone XS was used to shoot this Lunar New Year 2019 promo.

Starring top Chinese actress, Zhou Xun, in the 2020 advertising campaign, “Daughter” is an 8-minute video of three generations of Chinese women coming together during the festival season.

As an Asian, I see my culture and family in this video – the traditional thinking of Asian parents and the generational gap, how they live without contact with the outside world, and The courage of a young mother goes against cultural norms. The video shows: Either way, a mother’s love for her daughter will never fade and she will do anything for her baby.

Another new phone has been used for the advertising shoot, the iPhone 11 Pro.

Cách Apple đón Tết Nguyên Đán với iPhone dòng mới nhất - Ảnh 3.

Continuing its story-building strategy with the latest mobile devices, Apple’s Tet 2021 ad is no different. It was shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max. The “Nian” commercial for the year 2021 was actually shot on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

This short film is about a mythical creature that, according to Chinese folklore, appears at the beginning of the new year to eat people, animals, and a brave young girl. She is not afraid to ask questions and befriend “Nian” while her parents are frightened by her fearlessness, but in the end, they are willing to learn from her courage.

“She came to the world to ask questions. It was her nature.”

In the movie, we will encounter some Chinese traditions such as lanterns, fireworks, and lion dancing on busy and vibrant streets, which seems a bit odd during pandemic season.

At the end of the film, the film also shows another traditional trait: Everyone eating together at the round table during the Lunar New Year.

Brands often market their products based on: benefits and features and competitive pricing.

But Apple doesn’t.

Apple doesn’t compete on price, they don’t have to. Their marketing strategy is very different. These ad campaigns are very unique and here’s how I feel after seeing their ads.

● Apple understands the main theme of this festival is family, tradition, reunion – they are speaking the language of the customer.

● They create a great experience for their customers, use images, and share real but touching stories.

● They show audiences that their technology and equipment can make professional films.

● They know the importance and significance of the Lunar New Year to the people.

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