[HOT] Win an iPhone 13 Series, give a discount on Tiki: Up to 6 million VND, 0% installment payment

Tram Ho

Since October 22, Tiki officially opened for sale iPhone 13 Series VN/A version, imported directly by Tiki Trading from an Apple-designated genuine distributor in Vietnam market. Tiki also launched an extremely attractive promotion program for this product line: Up to 6 million VND, 0% Installment.

Specifically, besides the voucher code to reduce up to 2 million VND (*), customers also receive more exclusive offers on Tiki: Direct discount of 500,000 VND, 0% installment payment from 6-12 months with the opportunity to buy Anker charger for only 219,000 VND.

Especially, when customers buy iPhone 13 Series on Tiki and pay with co-branded credit card Tiki Sacombank Visa Platinum (TikiCARD) can save up to 3 million VND (2 million direct discount and 1 million VND refund). for cardholders).

[HOT] Rinh iPhone 13 Series, ưu đãi thả ga trên Tiki: Giảm đến 6 triệu đồng, trả góp 0% - Ảnh 1.

The iPhone 13 series products are an upgrade in color choices and experience in photography and videography on this year’s phones. Adding pink color, iPhone 13 Series will be an interesting choice for women as well as users who love gentle color tones.

The device still has a square design, a skewed camera cluster, and an impressive font-removing video mode that Apple calls Cinematic Mode. Powerful configuration and smooth new iOS 15 experience. The impressively good duration is now upgraded to 1.5 hours longer use.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max upgrade the ProMotion 120Hz refresh rate screen, providing remarkably smooth swiping and scrolling of content. Similar to the iPhone 13, the Pro duo has also been upgraded to experience performance and battery.

Price information for iPhone 13 Series listed on Tiki:

[HOT] Rinh iPhone 13 Series, ưu đãi thả ga trên Tiki: Giảm đến 6 triệu đồng, trả góp 0% - Ảnh 2.

Be one of the first to own a super hit apple house today! Buy genuine iPhone 13, quality, reasonable priced.

(*) Voucher code has been sent via SMS to customers who have registered to receive information before October 19, 2021 through the program “Pre-registration – Get Voucher”.

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