HOT: China successfully landed on Mars, breaking the US monopoly

Tram Ho

China has succeeded with the attempt for the Zhu Rong (Zhurong) rover to land on the Martian surface for the first time in its history on May 15.

NÓNG: Trung Quốc đổ bộ thành công xuống sao Hỏa, phá thế độc quyền của Mỹ - Ảnh 1.

Xinhua (China) confirmed, on the morning of May 15, 2021, the ship Zhu Rong weighing 240 kg, 1m85 high touched the sand dunes south of Utopia Planitia 9 minutes after entering the stellar atmosphere. Fire; and also after three months with the Tianwen 1 spacecraft in orbit of the Red Planet.

As such, the critical entry, descent, and landing sequences (NASA called the 7 minutes of terror) were successfully performed.

NÓNG: Trung Quốc đổ bộ thành công xuống sao Hỏa, phá thế độc quyền của Mỹ - Ảnh 2.

China’s Xinhua News Agency published a simulation image of the Zhu Rong spacecraft successfully landing on Mars. Source: Xinhua News Agency

With this successful landing, China recorded its name in history as the second country, after the US, to successfully land a Mars rover. Previous missions by the Soviet Union and the European Space Agency (ESA) have all failed.

The Mars rover Chuc Dung will begin a 90 Mars day mission (equivalent to 93 Earth days) to explore and analyze the Utopia Planitia region for climate, magnetic fields and subsurface layers. Utopia Planitia is thought to have been the edge of an ancient ocean or lake in the early history of Mars. Chinese scientists are eager to find more evidence of water ice here.

This achievement marks the complete success of China’s Tianwen 1 mission, the country’s first independent interplanetary expedition launched in July 2020 and entering Mars orbit on 10. February 2021.

Before that, China had landed on the near and far sides of the moon, in 2013 and 2019, respectively, before completing a complex lunar sample return late last year.

Most recently, China also succeeded in launching the Tianhe module of the Tiangong space station with the Long March 5B rocket, but the process of “returning” the core of the Long March 5B rocket took a lot of time. ink paper of world media because of its unusual fall. Fortunately, there was no loss of life or property.

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