Hot: Apple is having a serious error, iPhone users absolutely must not do this!

Tram Ho

On the afternoon of April 14, many iPhone users are reporting having an error that cannot activate iPhone. Specifically, when setting up an iPhone or iPad, the device will say “Unable to activate”.

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“Your iPhone couldn’t be activated because it couldn’t connect to the activation server. Try connecting your iPhone to your Mac or PC with iTunes to activate it, or try again in a few minutes.”

It seems that Apple’s Sever is having a batch error, this error is happening on newly set up machines or line 2 reset machines (Erase all content and settings) so iPhone users don’t reset the device During this time period.

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Although the above error will not affect the device, it is making many iFans uncomfortable when they cannot use their iPhone or iPad.

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A series of iPhones and iPads are experiencing the above situation.

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Source : Genk