[HOT] 40 libraries, frameworks and tools for CSS 2016

With the rapid changes and steps of CSS over the past few years, it is no surprise that the number of resources and tools for this platform is growing. These libraries, frameworks and tools not only help us make our work easier, but also open the opportunity to learn the CSS properties that were still quite strange before.

We have compiled the 40 most popular libraries, frameworks, and tools for CSS in 2016.

All tools and libraries are classified into: CSS Libraries , CSS Tools , Styleguide Tools , Styleguide Tools , Responsive Newsletter Frameworks , Flexbox Tools & Frameworks , and CSS Web Layout Frameworks

CSS Libraries

Imagehover.css – The image hover CSS library is lightweight and extensible
Scaleable Imagehover.css lighweight image hover CSS library

Diffee CheckerQuickly compare graphics with CSS blend modes.
Diffee Checker Instant visual diffing with CSS blend modes

CSS Image Filters – Gather many guides, libraries and tools.
CSS Filters - A collection of tutorials, libraries and tools

StarWarsIntro.css – CSS Library used to reproduce Star Wars Intro Crawl.
StarWarsIntro.css CSS Library Recreating tar Wars Intro Crawl

EQCSS – CSS extension for element queries and more.

Tootik – CSS Library Tooltip.
Tootik pure CSS Tooltip library

HamburgersHamburger icons set "delicious" dynamic by Jonathan Suh .
Hamburgers A collection of tasty CSS-animated hamburger icons

Balloon.css – simple tooltips completely by CSS by Claudio Holanda .
Simple balloon.css tooltips made of pure CSS

CSSGram – Compact library, simulating Instagram filters with CSS filters & blend modes.
CSSGram library recreating Instagram filters CSS filters blend modes

CSSCO – Image filters made from CSS, get ideas from VSCO and CSSgram.
CSSCO Photographic filters made with CSS

PostCSS.partsSearchable PostCSS plugins catalog.
PostCSS.parts searchable catalog of PostCSS plugins

voxel.css – voxel library CSS 3D, new and lightweight.
voxel lightweight 3D CSS voxel library

CSS Tools

Modern, powerful stylelint –CSS linter, helps you enforce common conventions and avoid errors.
stylelint mighty modern CSS linter enforce consistent conventions avoid errors

CSS Purge – Saving web memory.
" cssnano – modular minifier based on PostCSS ecosystem.

WAIT! Animate – How to calculate keyframe CSS animation percentages is very simple.
WAIT Animate calculate CSS animation keyframe percentages

MaintainableCSS – Means used to write module CSS, expandable, easy to maintain.
MaintainableCSS approach writing modular scalable maintainable CSS

Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator By Cloudinary.
Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator

Brand-Colors – Gather more than 400 Brand Colors (SCSS, Less, Sass, Stylus & CSS).

A Practical CSS Cheat Sheet By Toptal Developers.
Practical CSS Cheat Sheet

Styleguide Tools & Resources

Styleguide – Resources to help create styleguides more lively and easier.
Styleguide resource that makes creating styleguides much easier

Atomic Docs – Front-end style guide generator and SASS component manager. Atomic Docs front-end style guide generator SASS component manager

Styleguide Toolbox – Collection of templates, UI kits, tools & generators.
Styleguide Toolbox A collection of templates kits kits tools

Responsive Email & Newsletter Frameworks

Foundation for Emails 2 .
Foundation for Emails 2 was released last week

MJML – framework only simplifies the process of creating respnsive emails.
MJML framework that makes responsive-email easy

Flexbox Tools & Frameworks

Flex Layout Attribute (FLA) – CSS Flexbox layout helper.
Flex Layout Attribute FLA CSS Flexbox layout helper

Grd – The lightweight CSS grid framework (only 512 bytes) uses Flexbox.
Lightweight grd 512 bytes CSS grid framework using Flexbox

Flexbox Grid – Display Property flex based on Display Property flex.
Flexbox Grid Grid System Based flex Display Property

Bulma – Modern CSS framework, based on Flexbox.
Bulma modern CSS framework Flexbox

Flexbox Playground – Useful tool to learn and build Flexbox layouts.

Flexbox Patterns – Build stunning user interfaces with CSS flexbox.
Flexbox Patterns Build awesome user interfaces with CSS

Flexbox Editor – Web-based editor creates flexbox layouts.
Flexbox Editor web-based generating layouts

CSS Web Layout Frameworks

Driveway – CSS masonry layout aid.
Driveway pure CSS masonry layout aid

Bricklayer – Letter layered grid layout similar to Pinterest, compact and independent.
Bricklayer lightweight independent Pinterest-like cascading grid layout library

Simple Grid – CSS grid for website, simple, compact, highly interactive.
Simple Grid responsive light imple CSS grid website

BlazeCSS – CSS framework by module, open source helps build websites faster.
BlazeCSS Open source modular CSS framework building websites quickly

Vital CSS Framework – Minimally invasive CSS framework for many web applications today.
Vital CSS Framework minimally CSS framework invasive for modern web apps

Powerful Aleut.css – web framework focuses on performance and scalability.
Aleut css powerful web framework designed with scalability and performance

Picnic CSSCSS library for project has a good start.

Wing – CSS Framework is new, compact.

RichCSS Framework – "Beautiful, DRY, Clean and Reusable CSS".
RichCSS Framework Beautiful DRY Clean Reusable CSS

Materialize – CSS Framework based on Material Design.
Materialize CSS Framework Material Design

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