Honor revived after separating from Huawei, licensed to cooperate with Microsoft

Tram Ho

Huawei is still under sanctions from the US. To the point where the Chinese giant had to sell sub-brand Honor to find a way to live. And indeed, Honor has been revived after separating from Huawei.

According to a report by ChinaDaily, smartphone and computer brand Honor has recently been licensed to use Windows 10 from Microsoft. Thanks to this, Honor can manufacture and sell laptops with Windows 10 pre-installed globally.

Honor hồi sinh sau khi tách khỏi Huawei, được cấp giấy phép hợp tác với Microsoft - Ảnh 1.

Previously due to the US ban, Huawei had to consider using the Harmony operating system developed by itself for its laptops. Huawei’s operating system is only recently developed and there are not many supporting applications, of course, not as familiar to users as the Windows operating system.

In November, Huawei sold its sub-brand Honor to a Chinese conglomerate comprising 30 different companies. Thanks to that, the Honor brand was able to sign a cooperation agreement with Microsoft, without being prevented by the US Government. Honor hopes this deal will pave the way for a host of new partnerships with US companies, including Google and Qualcomm.

Honor CEO Zhao Ming said: “Honor is delighted to have reached the latest partnership agreement with Microsoft. Through Microsoft technologies and operating systems, we will continue to provide users with products with the most powerful performance and the best experience possible. Honor is committed to maintaining open relationships with global partners ”.

It is true that at the moment leaving Huawei is the right decision, while if Huawei continues to keep the Honor brand as its own, it will not solve anything. With this new path, whether the Honor brand will become a new force to replace Huawei, let’s wait and see.

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