HONOR Band 5 sold out on the first sale day on Lazada

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HONOR Band 5 cháy hàng trong ngày mở bán đầu tiên trên Lazada - Ảnh 1.

The smart device has basic features like fitness monitoring with parameters such as steps, distance or calories consumed, and integrates many modern features such as heart rate measurement, according to sleep monitoring. With 3 color options, blue, black and pink, HONOR Band 5 has been welcomed since its launch in the Chinese market, becoming the ‘Top Selling’ product for the ‘Health monitoring device’ category. ‘on Lazada Vietnam and as a result sold out on the first day of opening. What are the signs of sold out of HONOR Band 5?

HONOR is increasingly known in Vietnam

Although officially entering Vietnam market after other brands, HONOR is showing signs of becoming a new power in the smartphone village in particular and technology in general. HONOR products are known for their superior features only found on ‘flagship’ products but at a pleasant price, suitable for most users.

Not outside the game, HONOR decided to launch its smart bracelet product to Vietnam market through the form of Flash Sale on Lazada on 9/9 shopping day. The results of sold out in the first day of sale showed that HONOR brand is gaining sympathy and receiving more intense than ever.

HONOR Band 5 cháy hàng trong ngày mở bán đầu tiên trên Lazada - Ảnh 2.

More people care more about health

Constantly in the best-selling category of the past shopping day, smart wearables have shown that more and more people are recognizing the importance of owning a fitness tracking technology device. .

Most consumers will be concerned about the important factors affecting their daily health such as sleep quality, weight or heart rate. This is one of the clear advantages of the HONOR Band 5 when the device is equipped with heart rate measurement technology that allows continuous heart rate monitoring while saving battery life. Thanks to the infrared sensor, the device will turn on the alert when the heart rate changes, and will vibrate when the heart rate is higher than normal.

HONOR Band 5 cháy hàng trong ngày mở bán đầu tiên trên Lazada - Ảnh 3.

Users who are particularly interested in their sleep quality can rest assured with HUAWEI TruSleep’s full sleep tracking feature. Connecting to the Huawei Health app available on iOS as well as Android, the device will monitor and analyze indicators such as heart rate, breathing rate, thereby accurately diagnosing the type of sleep problems you are having, and provide sleep quality assessments and personal improvement suggestions to help you get a better night’s sleep.

In addition, the device is a companion to the object of physical exercise and sports, offering indices that support many different exercise modes, indoors and outdoors. Along with water resistance at a depth of up to 50 meters, it is also a prominent feature of the Honor Band 5 smart bracelet that attracts many people.

Preferential price in the segment

Most popular price bracelets only feature poor quality monochrome displays. However, HONOR is generous to users when integrating a 0.95-inch color screen, using AMOLED technology, for impressive display quality. And accompanied by the price could not help but attract the attention of customers in the past 9/9, 599,000 VND.

Besides, with many other outstanding features of HONOR Band 5 such as easy charging without removing the strap, locating a lost phone, shaking to switch between features without touching the screen … , it can be concluded that the product is one of the smart bracelets below 1 million worth buying today and is expected to become a prominent technology gift for the next shopping trips.

HONOR Band 5 cháy hàng trong ngày mở bán đầu tiên trên Lazada - Ảnh 4.

Products will return to Lazada with the official price of 799,000 VND. However, interested people can follow here for updates on upcoming Flash Sale sales at attractive prices.

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