HongMeng OS “Huawei’s new operating system opens the app faster than Android

Tram Ho

Huawei will develop 2 different operating system versions for devices sold in domestic and international markets.

Huawei Central's website reported that Huawei has registered its copyright of its Hongmeng operating system with the Chinese intellectual property management office. Accordingly, the world's second-largest smartphone manufacturer submitted a trademark application from August 24, 2018 and was granted a license from May 14, 2019 until May 13, 2029.

The new platform developed by Huawei is in the list of operating system programs, computer operating software. Besides, it will be used on smartphones, tablets, laptops and many other devices.

He dieu hanh 'HongMeng' of Huawei da has been registered as a member 1 License for copyright registration using Huawei's operating system name. Photo: Huawei Central.

Talking to Huawei Central , Mr. Richard Yu, Huawei CEO shared the new operating system will have two different versions for devices sold in domestic and international markets.

Previously, Mr. Yu revealed that its own platform has been invested in research since 2012 and will be introduced as early as this fall. He also shares a new operating system that still supports Android applications.

By the end of 2018, Bruce Lee – Vice President of Huawei's mobile division – shared on social network Weibo that Huawei's independent operating system is in development.

“Even if Huawei develops an alternative operating system, the important point is whether Google's services will be there. Otherwise, the application ecosystem is also a barrier for users outside China similar to Windows Phone, Tizen and other mobile platforms, ”said Brian Ma, Vice President of IDC.

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Source : ZingNews