Ho Chi Minh City police urgently arrest hacker Duong Minh Tam

Tram Ho

Ho Chi Minh City police determined that Duong Minh Tam opened an account at a bank and then infiltrated this banking system, illegally intervening 7 times to appropriate 10 billion VND.

On July 1, a source said that the police of Ho Chi Minh City arrested Duong Minh Tam (SN 1996, living in Tan Binh district) for the act of “Using computer networks, telecommunications networks, electronic means to commit acts appropriation of property”.

Previously, a bank reported that a stranger had infiltrated the financial information system to commit the act of appropriating 10 billion VND.

During the investigation, Ho Chi Minh City Police determined that Duong Minh Tam opened the above bank account at the end of 2022. By mid-2023, Tam used e-banking services and opened a savings book of 1 million VND.

According to the bank’s regulations, Tam can pledge a passbook to borrow online on the application, the maximum amount of 85%/value of the passbook can be pledged but not exceeding 2 billion VND/loan. With the pledge of a savings book of 1 million VND, Tam can only borrow up to 850,000 VND.

However, Tam illegally interfered with this bank’s financial information system, editing the code of the pledged property, which is a savings book worth 1 million VND, to over 51,244 billion VND.

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