High-level representative Huawei admitted that the Harmony OS cannot replace Android, if not, it will definitely fail

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Before the storms encountered with the US-China War, Huawei had to develop an operating system exclusively for itself called Harmony OS . But according to the company, this is not the operating system made to replace Android, if done so it will certainly fail.

Đại diện cấp cao Huawei tự thừa nhận Harmony OS không thể thay thế được Android, nếu cố thì chắc chắn thất bại - Ảnh 1.

Mr. James Lu

According to James Lu, senior manager of Huawei’s EMUI products, smartphones and tablets with Harmony OS operating systems will surely have to wait a while before they can be sold.

He must admit that Android’s operating system and ecosystem are too mature, used by both users and developers. Therefore, it is impossible for a fledgling operating system to compete with it.

“Harmony OS will not be an alternative Android operating system, if it does, it will surely fail.”

Đại diện cấp cao Huawei tự thừa nhận Harmony OS không thể thay thế được Android, nếu cố thì chắc chắn thất bại - Ảnh 2.

To explain this statement, he shared that Harmony OS will aim for another task: to become a common operating system for IoT devices, enabling them to ‘talk’ to each other. Currently there are many products that are capable of networking, from smartwatch, TV, drone and even cars, the fact that each product has an operating system, a separate application system is a big obstacle.

Having a common operating system, a general application system will help users have a better experience. The application will be able to adapt to each product, but retain its main features. For example, on a car, users will have a simple music application interface, not capable of displaying words (to avoid distractions), but will be reactivated when switching to TV for example.

Can Harmony OS become Huawei’s lifesaver?

The launch of Harmony OS has been widely anticipated, after Huawei was banned from trading with US companies, including Google, which owns Android. As a result, it cannot use Google services like Gmail, Youtube and Maps. The US has also eased the ban for another 90 days, but the situation is still a big question.

Lu pointed out that during the launch of Harmony OS, Huawei introduced that products such as TV, smartwatch, car and PC will be launched. Smartphone and tablet are not mentioned for a reason.

“As I mentioned, the Android operating system is so mature that we will try to use EMUI (Huawei’s Android interface) for as long as possible. After that, Harmony OS will be developed for use on smartphones. and tablets when we are no longer using Android. “

He also said the company is rushing to develop applications to replace the existing Google service. In the near future, users can expect the first products to use Harmony OS as smartwatch and TV. When asked if there will ever be a smartphone with Harmony OS, Mr. Lu does not give the exact time, but says “soon” .

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ