Here’s how to develop a user-friendly mobile website

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Staying connected with your target audience means being easily accessible. How is this accomplished? Hint: It’s not always through a native app. Sometimes, as BetaNews recently pointed out, a mobile website is the better option.


The author reminds us that, “there are now more than one million apps in the Apple app store but a study by Deloitte’s showed that 80 percent of apps get less than 1,000 downloads each.”


What does this mean? Well, namely, if your company has launched a mobile app, despite how popular your company may be, there is a good chance that the mobile app will not be downloaded onto your target audience’s smartphone. If it is downloaded, chances are it will not be used.


But that doesn’t mean they are not interested in engaging with your brand – they just prefer to do so via the mobile web. With that in mind, let’s take a look a few tips for creating an effective mobile website:


When you create a mobile web page, remember that you are taking your “web content and essentially resizing it for a mobile screen.”


It might seem simple, but far too many brands have yet to understand that mobile is an entirely different medium than the desktop. Thus, they cram all of the content on their website into the mobile version – big mistake. An optimized mobile website will include only what is necessary; not cluttering the screen with multiple links, drop-down menus, pop-ups and other desktop-esque elements.


A customer can tell if you took the effort to design a mobile-friendly webpage or if you simply provided a smaller version of your desktop page to be accessed by the mobile phone. They are looking to access vital information in the quickest way possible. Therefore, you’ll need to prioritize what’s included by looking at your user data.


Creating the perfect mobile-friendly web page or user-friendly mobile app involves an extensive period of researching your target audience’s behaviour, and an even longer time in testing. But, once it’s accomplished, it will be a major building block towards the bridging the gap between your brand and your consumers.

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