Having an extra $24 billion in a day, Elon Musk is 3 times richer than Warren Buffett

Tram Ho

The strong rally of Tesla stock continues to help billionaire Elon Musk get rich quickly. Currently, his net worth is 3 times larger than that of Warren Buffett.

Elon Musk’s net worth increased by $24 billion to $335.1 billion after the close of trading on November 1, when shares of the electric car company rose 8.5%. Accordingly, the gap between Musk and Jeff Bezos widened, when the Tesla founder was $143 billion richer, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Meanwhile, the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway is in 10th place with a fortune of $104.1 billion.

Có thêm 24 tỷ USD trong 1 ngày, Elon Musk đang giàu gấp 3 lần Warren Buffett - Ảnh 1.

Thanks to the continuous upswing, Tesla has helped some investors get rich. Singapore-based retail investor Leo KoGuan is a prime example, being the company’s third-largest shareholder, owning $12.1 billion worth of shares thanks to his investment in Tesla. Meanwhile, Larry Ellison – the founder of Oracle, has only invested heavily in Tesla since 2018 but has seen his stake increase to $ 18.1 billion, nearly a quarter of the value of his stake in Oracle. .

The large gap between Buffett and Musk is largely due to the investment legend who has given away most of his fortune to charity. He has donated a portion of Berkshire stock to charities each year, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The 91-year-old billionaire said in June that the total value of donations over the past 16 years has reached $41 billion.

Regarding Musk’s philanthropy, last week, he responded to the comment of the director of the United Nations World Food Program about calling him to give 2% of his wealth to solve world hunger. . Musk said he would sell $6 billion of Tesla stock immediately if the agency could be transparent and demonstrate exactly how much the money could lift the world out of poverty.

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